Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On the journey...

Everyone's making their New Year's resolutions and I'm just shaking my head. It's an earmark of January and I'm not falling for it this time.
I'm done with the resolutions. Not that I don't think we should plan for a better year. Not that I don't think we should have goals - 'cause I've got goals. It's just that the whole "resolutionsjust'causeit'sJanuary" thing...feels like a set up to me.
I could probably look up the statistics to see how many New Year's Resolutions really last or are kept for more than six weeks...but then again - why? I'm pretty sure the results would be depressing.
So, in my JOURNEY, I'm going to just keep going. I'm going to stay FOCUSed, be TRUE, and enjoy this JOURNEY.
I have so much to search out. I have so much to experience. I never want to stop learning and I never want to think that my way is the only way.
Hello 2011. I am not afraid of you. I embrace you and want to be satisfied with my JOURNEY come December.
"I am thankful for new beginnings, but I'm also thankful for faithfulness and perserverance.
The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't." ~Henry Ward Beecher


  1. Amen sister! Love love love this post!

  2. I totally agree with the resolution thing in January - I stopped "doing" them years ago. Looks like you are on the right path for your Journey!


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