Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Little Word|Captured|Week 2

In my 3 in 30 post, I posted a picture of the work in progress in my craft room. Well, I am definitely enjoying my JOURNEY this week. I finally got my craft space to where I feel like I am very happy and things are at my fingertips and I can create without clutter and craziness. Creating is a necessity for me. Now, I can really appreciate my happy place. I got a couple gift cards to Michael's for my birthday and I just held on to them because I wanted to use them on something special. I could've blown them on scrapping supplies, more paint or ink, more paper...but why? I already have so much stuff. The problem was that I didn't have proper storage and things were always hidden away and I'd forget about it.
I waited until their storage sets were 40% off and I got all of the shelves and drawer sets with my gift cards!! Thank you to my loving friends that gave toward the gift cards for my birthday! This is what you got me. =)
So far, I am making the most of my JOURNEY in 2011. I was sick on and off during the first week, but I am feeling better and ready to tackle the challenges and goals that I've set.
Click on the sidebar to visit Jill who is hosting the OLW Captured so that you can join in too! It's not too late.

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