Monday, January 31, 2011

Your time is now...I think...

Sometimes I love prompts...sometimes they seem to just paralyze me. I get stuck on "what do they really want?" and I forget that there are no rules...they are just helps, a push...PROMPTS. Anyway, I didn't care for this song - it kinda put me in a funky mood. This journal page is based on the Year in the Life of an Art Journal prompts. The prompts are given every 15th and 30th of every month. The prompt:
THE SONG: Butterflies & Hurricanes by Muse
Written Lyrics HERE

I took the "Your time is now..." from the song.

I also must admit that I have a lot going on right now - literally and in my head. I need a day of clarity and I might be able to do that tomorrow a.m. as I have realised this week that I totally missed my jury service duty last week! I got my dates way off. Anyway, I called and they told me to come in tomorrow (today technically). I am assuming that I will have time to journal, think, make lists and such while I wait. I am sure there will be waiting.
So - who knows? I may just gesso over this page and start over. I may not. I might do something to it though when I feel like I'm not just trying to get something done. I don't want it to be's my SOUL JOURNAL, after all. *sigh*
I'll keep you posted of course. haha. Ever have days like this or feel like you started creating something but your heart wasn't in it?


  1. I like it :-) Sleep on it, have your day of clarity, then take a fresh look at it and see it through new eyes. Will be praying for you to have a lot of waiting tomorrow....for your soul....Hugs!

  2. I love it. I also totally get feeling like you rushed it and it's not QUITE yours... there's always time to do it over... OR just move on and trash it!!

  3. I have several pages that don't have 'my heart in it' as you say so nicely... others sometimes like those pages but I can SEE it's forced when I look at those. I do like your page, but if you feel it isn't truly YOU, then keep on adding stuff or 'lay it to rest' and move on (not everything has to be perfect!) The reflection you did while watching your own page is as valuable (or even more!) then the page itself, that's what makes art journaling so satisfying!

  4. I love the colors but know what you mean! I've done it myself (rushed it), I think we all have! haha!

  5. Hi Sherry!
    I hopped over here from AYITLOAAJ!! I think your page is awesome!! And yes, I've totally had those days, where my heart wasn't in it. I just finished the first prompt, hopefully I will be done this week with this prompt. Obviously, I am "time" challenged!!lol

  6. I think your page is beautiful! Love the colors and those swirly-gigs. But I know what you mean...I have quite a few pages in my journal that I'm not very happy with. I just look at them as "experimental!" lol And I agree with you about the song. It kinda rubbed me the wrong I didn't use it. Music that puts me in a grouchy mood is NOT conducive to my art, and I doubt I'm the only one. You don't have to use every part of the 3-part prompt, I promise! Ok, sorry for the long comment! :)


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