Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Day...

We spent our day off at the shore. We drove past Santa Monica and found a quiet little spot for the kids to play and explore.

My little guy probably had the most fun as he raced all over in search of "treasure".

These people make my heart happy.

A little collage I put together of my babies. I cheated with the picture of Taryn. She was so engrossed in everything that I could hardly get a good head shot of her by herself. =)

This one is of me and Taryn...lots of love!

This guy makes me feel special and secure.

I even thought of all of YOU my readers. I'm so thankful for your comments and encouragement.
When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers


  1. What lovely jewels your daughters are! Pearls beyond price and daughters of the King. You are blessed.

  2. Beautiful photos.. and I have a question too! Does the he{art} just signify your heart and art and how the two overlap, etc. or does the "he" have significance as in He, the Lord? Just curious if you meant the he to stand on its own along with the art.. thinking that we (our hearts) were created by His hand in an awesomely incredible art of his own.

  3. Thanks Traci. Well, yes and no. I thought of it that way when I created the name, but then I didn't know if it made sense and I was even going to put the HE part in all caps and the art in lower case - but some of the fonts like that one is only lower case. So yes, it is for me - but I didn't think any one would "get it" like you. =) I love that you did. ;)

  4. Traci's comment is amazing. Sis, you are soooo creative in your photo ideas. It is beautiful... When Justus is born I want you to do a photo collage like that for my family, k?! Love you and your fam-bam!!


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