Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Received another magnet swap!!

I just recently received my magnet swap from Sarah Whitmire's SoulJournaling group on Yahoo. I am so glad I participated in this one. Here's what I got:

This one is from Carol Z. and this tag was amazing. Bits of leather, bling, chipboard, glitter, charms...there was so much thought put into this! Here is her blog.

This magnet is really fun and kinda makes my mouth water! It was made by Mady and her blog is HERE.

This "fat free" cookie is adorable! This was made by Lisa and you can find her blog HERE.

One of the very cool perk's of being in a swap with Sarah is that she likes to send everyone who plays some goodies. This was Valentine themed, of course, and it was just wonderful. I especially love the card in the bottom right hand corner with the Lilies of the Valley. Lily of the Valley always reminds me of my Great Grandmother. Thank you Sarah!!

Here are the 3 magnets I sent in and then a small one for Sarah. I'm learning and loving the experience. Thanks ladies!!

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  1. I'm so so glad that you enjoyed the magnet swap! I really enjoyed the ones that I received in return, including yours! Happy belated Valentine's Day! :)




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