Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge|Day4

Day 04 A picture of your night

When I started this challenge, I was excited to see that Day 4 asked for a picture of my night. I knew that it would be spring break and I had planned a special little get away for my family and I. Sadly, this is what we were doing on this night. We were at an urgent care facility because my little guy was having severe asthma problems. We found out after blood being drawn, a prednisone shot and chest x-ray that he was also fighting the beginnings of pneumonia. We went back to the hotel and he and I rested. I had Marco take the girls to the movies as we had planned ealier. They enjoyed themselves, but said it wasn't the same without their little guy. He is doing better now, thank God - but we are taking it easy at home with medication and rest.

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  1. Poor thing! Nothing worse on so many levels. Hope all is well now :)


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