Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You've got to move it, move it!!

I woke up with the feeling to create something this morning. However, when I walked into my studio, it wasn't very inviting. It was a mess. I'm not talking about an "I've been creating all kinds of beautiful art so things are all over" mess. It was just a mess. My tables have become the 'catch all' for the other things that need to go upstairs and my daughter and her friend were working on their art journals, so things were just out of place.
This is my work table (the one without a cover). What a mess!
See? Things are really looking crazy!
I started to straighten up...and the next thing you know - I am moving furniture around!!
I got to dusting off the shelves and throwing stuff away. I wanted my sentimental things to be displayed properly!
I wanted my paints and stamps to be within arms reach.
Everything looks and feels so much better. It may still look crowded to you, but I know where everything is - so that's what counts. I will be giving you a close up look at some of the stuff in a later post.
After that project was done I got busy on dinner. I kept it simple - baked chicken thighs, zucchini, and a green salad. Also got about 4 loads of laundry done while my girls helped by folding them. Over-all it was a really productive day! I'm getting ready to head out to church. We have prayer meeting during our mid-week service and I will especially be thinking of my friends, Kim and Tracie and their family. Their mother has been battling cancer for some time now and I know that these final days are precious to them. My heart goes out to them.


  1. I love the space! Can't wait to have a dedicated one myself! And I get you on "crowded"...mine is half of our living room and it is tight! My table is constantly the "catch-all" area!!

  2. dang what were you taking that gave you all the energy to do all that? i need triple whatever you took :)

  3. I share half of the front room with my husband,but just like our clothes closet...I am creeping over more and more to his side. lol Esther, it's all the protein!! =)


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