Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 12 of 12...already!!

The last 12 of 12 for the summer is here! It really snuck up on me. I am not ready for summer to be over. The family and I still have so much we want to do before school starts. *sigh*So my morning started around 7 a.m. I've been having trouble sleeping lately and haven't been getting to bed until about 2 a.m. Not good!
I got up and opened the front door to see if it was blazing hot yet. Not too bad. I noticed our neighbor's hydrangea flowers and had to take a shot!
That of course led me to this little guy. As most of you already know, my son loves finding snails, roly pollies, etc. He would have loved it at that moment because there were several snails out enjoying the morning dew.
I came back into the house and almost stepped on this little game. My son got $10 from somebody for his birthday and this is what he bought with it. It took him a really long time to pick out exactly what he wanted. So funny and sweet to watch a four year old try to spend a whole $10 on something.

So this is where you can find me first thing in the mornings - on most days anyway. I have a routine and I love it. I get up and get dressed. I come downstairs and let the dog out. I get the coffee started, clean out and re-fill the dog's water and food bowls and then bring the dog back in. I get my computer set up on Pandora - something quiet and instrumental, at first. Then I usually light some candles - I like the smell and the coziness of it - then grab my coffee. Finally, I am ready to settle in for some Bible study and prayer time. I usually follow a study that I find on-line and print out. No facebook or checking email, pinterest, etc. until I am done. I don't need anything that will sidetrack me from that time and believe me - I am easily sidetracked! haha! Then if the day is going well, I will be able to come back in for some creating fun.

Here's my little dog Oso. We've had him for almost 5 years. He's a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. We all love him. He's so sweet and gentle.I

I got these plums at Costco and they are just perfect! Not too sweet and not too tart!

One of the first things Naomi thinks of in the morning is art. She's my little artist girl. Recently, my friend Angie gave Naomi her very own art box. In this picture she is taking her portable desk into my studio so that she can work on her art too. She worked on a "stained glass" paint kit today. It turned out really nice.

Here's my little guy (in my studio) with his super-hero action figures. =) I love when he plays quietly near me.

I tried to get a picture of my two older girls. Taryn got away, but my oldest, Hannah could not run. Haha! She did hide behind her most recent read though. She is reading Sarah's Key. She heard that there is a movie coming out too and is super excited about that!

It's always a good day if I can get my paints out and work in my art journal, or stamp, scrap, create...whatever. I have really been working on enjoying the PROCESS of creating something. Just another thing I am learning about enjoying the JOURNEY.

Here we are at Burt and Angie's house. This is where we have our Friday music/band practice. The really cool thing is that Angie has been cooking dinner for everybody. So thoughtful and fun, too. After we are done, the table gets cleared off and put out of the way and then the drums and guitars get set up. We usually aren't out of there until after 10 pm. So much fun with great friends.

Marco didn't stay for practice. He just dropped us off and then went back home to be with the younger kids. When he came back to pick us up, he spent a little bit of time with this guy on the couch. =) Meet Charlie. Now Marco is saying he wants a Basset Hound. haha. I think we'll just visit Charlie whenever he gets the Basset Hound blues!

Well, that's about it- pretty low-key. That's how I like it though. We are usually running around in so many directions. I don't mind a slow day here and there. Hope your day was well and that you are ready for the new school year!

You can join me on the 12th of each month to share a glimpse into your day by posting 12 pictures from your day too. If you do, let me know so that I can come take a peek!!


  1. What a wonderful day! Unlike you, I'm melting and ready to welcome fall :) Bring on the sweater weather!

  2. I love the glimpse of your day - your photos are beautiful!


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