Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simple Things ~ Just the box!

I love how close my two youngest children are with each other.  They play so well together. There's an almost two year difference in age, but they don't seem to mind. They are best friends.  A friend ended up giving Marco her whole Sponge Bob collection and it came in the box.  It was loaded.  Sponge Bob lunch box, games, puzzles, basketball, clock...all kinds of stuff.  He loved it.  They played with a lot of it right away...but guess what?  They ended up playing in that box mostly.  They built stuff with it.  They hid in it and acted like they had a gift for one of us and of course, we had to play along and open it only to be "scared" by a little person hiding in there. haha  They played with this box for a few days until it was too torn up to do much more.  I love that. So much imagination.  Ahhhh.  Just the box!


  1. :)) super cuties. aww. great pic. moi

  2. I love it!!!! Nothing like a good ole box to play in

  3. Oh, I love that! So funny how all it takes is a box for endless fun for little kids!!

    Enjoy those 2 sweet kiddos! :)

  4. All 3 of mine love playing with empty boxes. always. they love to color it decorate it, everything. I like to turn it into the box of shame LOL


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