Monday, September 26, 2011

Naomi's Art Party

 I bought two empty cans at Home Depot. I could not believe I had to pay $8 for two EMPTY cans. Anyway, I took plastic table cloth and taped one end inside.  I hung them upside down using fishing line and then tacked the line to the wall. I cascaded the table cloth over the table and hoped that it would look like spilled paint.  Saw this idea on Pinterest and you can get the link at the bottom of the post.  The original link doesn't say much about the photo, it was just from a party.
I tried to choose very colorful, fun foods.  Not pictured, but the main event was a baked pasta dish that had all kinds of pasta (bow tie, cork screw, etc) with a meat and maranara sauce. There were meatballs in a separate pot as well as dinner rolls.
This mini paint palette cake was made by my good friend Lorany. She is so talented and makes the cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and cookie pops for all of our kids' birthdays.  She is so creative!
Of course we had a piñata !
Here's Lorany with Naomi.  She made some super yummy cupcakes and then put them on a palette.

Blowing out the candles...with a little help from a special little boy. hehe
So colorful and more importantly... YUMMY!!
The birthday girl - my little artist - Naomi AGE 6
My girl...
Naomi and Hannah Joy...hard to believe that she went thru surgery just days earlier.
Marco and Naomi - best buddies
Naomi and Taryn - check out her Play Doh shirt
She is definitely "daddy's girl"
This was the set up.  Cake and candy party table to the left and art supply and project to the right.
I took brown paper lunch bags and punched the top of them with a Martha Stewart lace border punch. When the kids arrived, I had them go to the table and decorate their bag and put their name on it.  This bag was used to hold the supplies I gave them as well as candy from the candy bar.
I had a lot of these items already from my teaching and Sunday School supplies.  The rest was purchased at a dollar store.  There were little watercolor palettes, pencils with glitter gel, puffy pom poms, styrofoam shapes, glue sticks, packs of Crayola Crayons (Wal Mart for 40 cents a box!!), play doh, colored plastic clothespins and glitter.  
I bought some door hangers at the Dollar Tree and had them decorate them with styrofoam stickers.  We also  covered some notepads with scrapbook paper and decorated them.
Dipped marshmallows, Spree, gumballs, licorice, marshmallow twists...
Pixie sticks, rice krispy "paint brushes"... 
Colorful fruit kabobs...
As a special surprise, Lorany made some cookie pops! They were so cute and again, more importantly, very yummy! haha.  It was a great party and I am pleased to say - really did not cost that much.  Next up, Hannah's SWEET 16.  Yes, that is what I will be working on during the whole month of October.

Several of these ideas were found on PINTEREST.  It's one of my favorite "habits".  Click on the link to go to my ART PARTY board and there are different pictures with all the links to take you to the original ideas.  Some of the ideas have been copied so many times it's hard to give credit to the original person, but you should be able to follow them to their links.


  1. What an awesome party!!! I can't believe how awesome of a mom you are to do all this and your friend is so talented! I can't believe Nay is growing up so fast! I lov eyou

  2. What a great party idea!!! You did an awesome job!


  4. Wow everything looked perfect!!! and Lorany's cakes YUMMY MY dear friend!!!


  6. So creative Sherry. SO sorry missed it. Loved everything you posted.


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