Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September's 12 of 12...

 Once the older kids were off to school, Marco and I went on our nature walk.
 The day was much cooler than it had been lately. It was such a relief.  We had a great walk and saw lots of fun stuff that I will include in another post.  The greatest thing is the conversation. He makes me wonder and laugh so much. My boy is really observant and very honest with his words.
 This was the little lizard I caught for him. I had to catch a couple crickets later in the evening for it too.  He told me that the lizard can't camouflage that well because the wood is too "white".  I think he means light colored.  Anyway, I asked him where he learned about that and he said, "Diego". Wow!
 There was laundry to be washed and folded...shocker!
 Marco worked on counting and number recognition with this puzzle.
 Adding in some fine motor skills...
 He's been begging for one of these jaw breakers that we have from Cracker Barrel. I finally rewarded him with one (blue of course) and made him suck on it while I could watch him.  So that led to watching a video!
 He watched a 45 minute video on NOVA about monitor lizards.  We talked about reptiles and such because of the lizard we caught.  Well, a lot of it was scientific stuff that was way over his head (research and statistics) and I thought he'd be bored.  I asked if he wanted to change it and he was like No Way! haha.  I watched the video and folded laundry at the same time. Then a short video came on about amphibians and he continued to watch and ask a million questions.  I love it!
 The girls were picked up from school and the mail was picked up from the mail box.  I was excited to see that my ATC card swap had arrived!!  I will be sharing pictures of those in another post as well.
 Taryn's middle school works entirely off of laptops now.  She will be receiving a brand new Verizon student laptop of her own to use for the whole year.  My husband and I, along with Taryn, will be attending a training tonight about them before they give it to her.  Until then, she does her work on one of our oldies.  
 Big Marco and I headed out to do some grocery shopping for the week and the blue sky and scattered clouds were so beautiful.  I had to take a photo.  Of course, this photo doesn't even do it justice.
When we came out of the store, the sun was setting and this is what I was met with.  It was stunning.  When we got home, groceries were put away and the kids were winding down, getting their showers and preparing for bed.  We had a little "family meeting" with the two olders to talk about some things and just re-group and make sure that we are all on the same page about family, school, friends, expectations, goals, etc.  

I know that we may not have much in the eyes of this world, but we have each other and for that I am blessed beyond measure.

Matthew 6:21 ~ "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."


  1. Great photos! That's so wild that they're on laptops. I remember when I was a kid and only the kids in the Gifted program and Chapter 1 got to use the computers.

  2. Fantastic. I particularly like the "meeting" with the older kids - so key with raising kids and having a solid family foundation. Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. I love that you do nature walks. I would love to do one but I'm too scared of poison ivy and mosquito's :)

  4. way to go Sherry! A great glimpse of your life this month! Love that your little guy is so into lizards and reptiles - good stuff! Thanks for sharing this month!!

  5. What a fun filled day. I remember those reptile filled days - your little boy is growing up. Beautiful skies!

  6. So happy to see your beautiful clouds. Do you wonder what your son will do when he grows up?


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