Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simple Things ~ My Shadow...

A friend of ours is related to Cathy Rigby who stars in the musical Peter Pan.  After attending the show with her friend, my daughter Taryn received the DVD from Cathy.  My kids were so excited to watch it.  My two youngest had never seen it before and were glued to every song and word that came out of Peter's mouth.  On the day this photo was taken, we were going back into the house after a bug hunt and Marco noticed his shadow.  He kept saying that it was stuck to him and it wouldn't fall off.  I didn't know why he kept saying it and then I remembered Peter Pan.  It's so funny the things they pick up.  Here's a little part of the script where Peter returns to Wendy's house in search of the shadow he lost... 

From Peter Pan by James M. Barrie

Tink said that the shadow was in the big box. She meant the chest of drawers, and Peter jumped at the drawers, scattering their contents to the floor with both hands, as kings toss ha'pence to the crowd. In a moment he had recovered his shadow, and in his delight he forgot that he had shut Tinker Bell up in the drawer.

If he thought at all, but I don't believe he ever thought, it was that he and his shadow, when brought near each other, would join like drops of water, and when they did not he was appalled. He tried to stick it on with soap from the bathroom, but that also failed. A shudder passed through Peter, and he sat on the floor and cried.


  1. So cute! It always amazes me the little things that our kids take in!

  2. That is a wonderful capture and sentiment

  3. Aw, that is a great pic :) Very cute!

  4. How cute! Joey always tries to step on his shadows head LOL or chase and catch his shadow.

  5. Mmmmm -- and what an ADORABLE shadow young Marco has. ;) I'm still smiling.


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