Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days Fall Challenge: Week Two~Setting the atmosphere with music

Welcome back friends! We are into our second week of the 31 Days Fall Challenge hosted by Courtney at Women Living Well Ministries.  Last week, she challenged us to burn a candle in the home to cozy up the atmosphere, but also to remind us to say a prayer of peace for our home and our family.  I am happy to say that I was able to meet the challenge and while I do often burn a candle in my home, my children noticed that this one had a special meaning to it.
My four year old knows not to touch the candles or play with them in any way.  He also knows now that he is not to blow them out unless I want them blown out.  A couple times he came to me and asked if he could blow out the candle for me and I explained that I wanted it to stay on because it reminds us to pray for each other.  Now he goes over to it and says that we can't blow this candle out 'cause it helps us pray for each other. =)
See how far our candle has burned down already? =)
Now, on to the challenge for this week.  This was copied from Courtney's blog:

"This week’s challenge is two-fold also:
Play soft music everyday in your home. Choose music that the family enjoys.
Then, focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships.
Role model gentleness with your words this week and while you’re add it have a little fun.  Since the music is going,  grab your husband or children and dance!"
Well, it sounds so easy, doesn't it?  Our family loves music.  We love all kinds of music.  My daughter Hannah has an especially diverse taste in music.  She is like most teenagers and likes to have music on all the time and she likes it loud.  I love that she usually shows great discretion in the music she chooses - but she likes all genres.  I love to play music in our home.  I usually play Contemporary Christian Music, because that is my preference, but sometimes I will play something like Big Band, top 40, oldies, country... haha Just to switch things up a little.  I usually don't mind different styles as long as the lyrics are clean and the topic isn't off the wall inappropriate. Everybody has their own standards, right?  My little guy loves to show us his "dance moves" and we are his best audience.  It's all fun and brings us together!
Well, Courtney goes on to challenge us with some other thoughts that I'll let you go to her blog to read, but that is where I got a little nervous about this weeks challenge. haha.  She talks about speaking kindly, refraining from talking harshly or yelling.  I grew up in a very loud home.  We yelled even if we weren't upset.  She challenges us to not let someone else's anger get us angry.  THIS will be the real challenge for me.  I'd love to say that I am the epitome of how a meek and quiet spirit should look, but that would be a bold faced lie. haha.  That is why I NEED this challenge.
 Proverbs 15:1 says “A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.”
Remember that this fall challenge is all about making  your home a haven.  It's about creating an atmosphere in your home that is peaceful and loving and kind.  
I am definitely going to have the house clean, my candle burning and the music on when my kids come home from school.  I know that it's harder for mom's that have a different schedule or work outside the home - that was me last year and all the years before - but you can still be thoughtful of this and maybe play some music and work on having quiet conversation during dinner or right before bed time or maybe you all need to get your wiggles out and play something fun and upbeat like "Walking on Sunshine".  Let all the kids have a little dance off in the living room.  Join in and have some fun with them.  Show them your silly side and let loose.  These are the memories that your children will look back on when they're older.
If you don't have an iPod or MP3 player, you could always use free music services that are on-line.  I like Pandora.  You can set up the music you like and delete anything you don't like.  Just play it from your computer if you have to!

Here's a fun song that we love in our home!  Enjoy!

Are you taking part in the challenge?  I'd love to see what you are have to share. Leave me a link!


  1. I love your blog. I do . I love how your thoughts are so organized. Mine is like scrabble. Nothing is in order and you have to think to put them in order so others can get what you're saying. LOL it seems so easy for you! anyhow. I know this is going to be a challenge for me as well. *being that we grew up in the same home LOL

  2. Girlfriend I am lovin the your Fall challenge and things you're sharing. Your home oozes love and I'm dancing with you!
    Holykisses xoxo

  3. that's my daughter's favorite song at the moment! we love toby mac and this song is very catchy too. I'll catch myself doing things around the house humming it.
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  4. Gosh, I wish. We all listen to such a variety of music I don't think we could play something ALL would enjoy. I listen to Klove all day long, but it gets turned off when everyone starts arriving home after a long day at work/school. Sometimes I leave it on, but it gets lost in the noise. With 6 people with at least 4 different styles, I'm not sure I could ever endeavor to reach this week's challenge. I absolutely agree with you that we should emmulate softness and kindess to our familes and use gentle and loving words. It's hard, but I work to accomplish this each day.

  5. Go visit me- Im participating in the challege as well. I love it! :) Thanks for the beautiful candle pic! :)

  6. Hello I found your blog through Courtney's Fall challenge. I too love this Fall challenge that Courtney is having....I am participating in the challenge too and I just did this week's post. I love your Fall candle it has some beautiful colors...Love your blog and I will definitely be back to visit

  7. Great post, I too am enjoying this challenge, I love the candle light's reminder to pray, and I am enjoying remembering to play music- I love this weeks personal work as well, I love the reminder to be gentler, this is a good lesson for me as well :) ~April


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