Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday #1

1. How do you take your coffee?
YES PLEASE!! haha.   I will drink my coffee black if it's a really good quality coffee, but normally, I love my coffee very strong with some French Vanilla creamer, or Pumpkin Spice, or Peppermint Mocha, or Caramel or... haha.  No to Irish Creme flavor though... 
2. Do you prefer soft or crispy chocolate chip cookies?
Either. Yum.  Oh, and if they are hot out of the oven... Yes, please!
3. Do you wear a belt everyday?
A belt? One that goes around my "waist"? Bahahahaha!
4. What is your favorite color combination?
Black with any bold color
5. Do you like sour candy?
I do.  I won't go out of my way to buy it - it's not my favorite, but if I had to I would choose Sour Patch Kids.  Authentic German gummies are a whole other category.  Those I love!
6. How often do you do laundry?
I try to do a load every day if I can, but usually I do the bulk of the laundry on Thursdays.
7. Did you ever wear braces?
No, but I may have to get them now.  Yeah.  =/
8. Are you good at Roman Numerals?
Yes! It was one of my favorite things to teach in 5th grade math. Fun.
9. What is your favorite form of social media?
That one is tough.  I have a love/hate with Facebook.  I use it and love that I can see pictures and keep up with my close friends and acquaintances.  However, I am one of those people that really like to read your update (like on blogs too) and I DO comment usually.  What's the point of having 300+ friends and then only have 4 comments when you have super news or whatever?  Are they even out there?? I know not everybody can/neeed to respond, but really?  I'm as busy as anybody else, but at least acknowledge me once in a while so I know you're still there. haha   I love Twitter, but I don't have a lot of personal friends that use it often enough to get it really hopping.  Of course I love my blogs.  I read AND comment.
10. How do you feel about chin dimples?
I usually love them.  Almost always.  =)  My youngest (Marco) has a dimple in his chin, but it is more noticeable in the mornings when he wakes up.  I don't know why, but I love it.  I think it will be more defined as he gets older and his face fills out. =)


  1. I love dimples, just not the kind on my butt LOL

  2. We are coffee twins! lol I hate Irish Cream and Hazelnut...but pretty much adore any other flavor.
    I had braces as an adult. It was not the funnest of experiences. I'm a total wimp when it comes to any kind of mouth discomfort though. It really wasn't bad.
    My favorite color combination...anything with turquoise! :o)


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