Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LOVE: Wrapped up in toilet paper tube...

I gently reminded my husband that I'd like to start working on the Christmas decorating by Monday.  Monday came and I just didn't have it in me.  Did he bring all the boxes in from the garage? He sure did.  Anyway, I did get right to it...by Tuesday. =)
I set up everything inside, except for the tree.  About 5 years ago, I decided that the "cut fresh" trees we were buying at the lots weren't doing it for me.  By the time Christmas rolled around, our tree was a definite fire hazard...and it was brown.  I can still hear the sound of the needles as they fell off the tree and hit the beautifully wrapped presents.
So we decided to go all out and buy a pre-lit 7 footer and Costco.  We love it.  It's green, holds its shape and doesn't leave a mess.  My sweet guy started putting it together as I worked on everything else.  My two little ones were beside themselves, especially my little guy.  Oh, man.  He's actually been excited all day because he saw the boxes out, but when he saw the tree all lit up - well, forget it.  He lost it. haha. I love that.  He disappeared for a while and we were all wondering what he was doing.  I heard him in my craft room and I called for him and he yelled back, "Don't come in here!  It's a surprise!"
He came out with this:
Yesterday, he came to me with a flattened toilet paper roll and asked me to write To mommy Love, Marco on it.  He saw the Christmas stuff and his first thought was to get me a present.  My birthday passed recently and he and Naomi ran all over the house gathering up things to give me as a gift.  Most of it was my own stuff from my craft studio.  "I know you like art stuff, Mom." said Marco
I could have chided him for getting into everything or I could've told him that it was silly, but of course I didn't. I almost started crying.  It was so sweet and he and Naomi were so happy to give me a gift.  They really gave me their best.  They didn't expect anything in return.  They knew that it was my "special day" and they wanted to be a part of it.
Well, I don't know what little trinkets are waiting for me inside that beautifully wrapped toilet paper roll, but I know that it was filled with love.  He is my rough and tumble, but he's also my most affectionate child.  Maybe it's just that special love between a mama and her boy.  Whatever it is, I'm thankful for it and I want to cherish it forever.
Did you know that our Heavenly Father also has good and perfect gifts for us? He does!
James 1:17~Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

There are a few things I can learn from this...
1. The Lord does not give us good things with any ulterior motives.  Sometimes, we may give a gift to someone, but there may be some selfish motives tied to them.  The Bible tells us that God demonstrates His love toward us even though we are sinners.  (Romans 5:8)
2. God wants to give us the things we need, but if we delight ourselves in Him, He will also give us the desires of our heart! (Psalm 37:4)
3.  God gave us His best! He gave His Son Jesus  Christ. For God SO loved the world that He gave us His only begotten son, that whosover believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)
4..  God wants to give YOU eternal life and it is a GIFT.  A gift is free to the recipient.  You don't get this GIFT because you are good, rich, follow a certain religion, dress a certain way, etc.  This special gift called eternal life was paid for by Jesus on the cross.  (Romans 6:23)
I don't know about you, but I like to receive gifts that are given in love.  I don't like gifts that are given out of guilt or in expectation of something in return.  That's why these innocent gifts given by my children made such an impact on me.  My God is the same way.  He gives me blessings daily.  They may be wrapped simply or not even wrapped at all, but they are given with a pure and everlasting Love.  Won't you receive those gifts? 
If you have any questions for me, you can leave it in the comments or email me.  I'd be glad to answer them as best as I can!

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  1. I'm thanking God for His gift of eternal life to me!

  2. Now THAT moved me to tears and what a perfectly perfect lesson on giving our best gifts....

  3. I love that TP roll. you really do have such sweet and wonderful kids. Abby does the same thing for her brother and sister on their birthdays. Going through all of her stuff to see what she can wrap and give them :) it always touches my heart.

  4. Hi. Glad I found your blog through WFW. I host a link up called Brag on God Friday. I hope you can join us. :)


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