Saturday, December 31, 2011

Creative friends...

I love being around creative, inspiring people.  My friend Angie is one of those people.  She recently had a little get together for her daughter Hannah who was celebrating her 21st birthday.  It was Marie Antoinette themed and even though I did not have my camera - I know, I couldn't believe it - I had to share some pictures from my phone.  This was one of those times I really wished I had an iPhone.
Angie made just about every thing by hand.  I loved the creativity and I loved even more that she didn't spend any extra money on the decorations.  She used papers and things she already had at home.
 This was the main table setting.  It was so beautiful!!  Do you see the book text banner in the background with the glittered clothespins?  
 This was a tiny bundt cake with white frosting.  The butterflies were hand-drawn and cut out by her daughter Abbie.  Then Angie printed a picture of Marie Antoinette eating cake, added a lace border and then wrote "Eat Cake" in glitter.  Perfect blues and pinks.
These amazing masquerade masks were all hand-made of course, but the thing that was cool was that each one was different from the other.  Blue feathers, flowers made out of book text, little pink and blue pearls... adorable!!
 Yummy open tea sandwiches made with turkey, avocado and a delectable cream cheese with a green onion dip mixed in it.  These went fast!  She also had cheese fondue.  She said it was called Cider fondue.  Apple cider, cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese.   She had chunks of bread and different veggies for us to dip in the cheese. Just wow.  ***Oh, notice the beaded fork?  She makes those for her etsy too!
 I believe this was inspired by a photo from Pinterest, but I love theirs even better.  It's a Christmas tree made of books!  Of course she has some flowers cut out of book text and added to the lights!
 The coffee/drink table...  I love the simple streamers and streamer made with scallop punches and ribbon!
 This was my absolute favorite thing there.  Look at this paper shoe.  Seriously?  If this doesn't scream Marie Antoinette, I don't know what does.  I'm trying to convince her to open a little etsy shop.  What do you think? Her daughter (who the party was for) has one already.  Let me know if you're interested in anything.
Here's another beaded item. It's a vintage spoon.  
All-in-all it was a beautiful party with an out of this world display.  Again, forgive me for the pictures, but it was just too great to not share here!
My girl Angie's got mad skills! Here's her daughter's Etsy shop in case you want to convo them.


  1. It was so much fun!! Mom I think you you should always keep you camera with cause you never know what your gonna see.

  2. Wow. Just Wow. She is really really good at what she does. LOVE the book tree!

  3. Aww thank you Sherry. I almost cried when i read all this. I really needed that today! <3

  4. Love the masks!!! looking for a cheap way to make masquerade masks for wedding favors because buying them is so expensive! Can you share what materials you used!

    Everything is beautiful! Such inspiration to come across those with great talent!


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