Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook :: Week 4


Outside my is rainy and cold.  I don't mind it at all except that my daughter has a water polo game this afternoon.  Yes, it's outdoors.  No, they do not cancel it for a little rain. *sigh*  Marco will be going without me today 'cause I'm home with a sick little boy (asthma/cold) and Taryn who woke up with a stiff neck.  It was so bad that she could not force herself to go to school.  She had perfect attendance up until today. =(

I am thinking...about all that I need to do, but don't have the energy to do.  Marco and I were up pretty much all night taking turns being with our little guy.  I hate to see him struggle or be in pain.  =(  Now I feel all zombied out.  Ick.

I am thankful...for each new day.  I am thankful for coffee and warm blankets.  I am thankful for fever reducer and modern medicines.  I am thankful for internet that keeps me updated on friends and family near and far.  I am thankful for a lot of little things today.

In the kitchen...I'm in the process of making some soup for lunch right now.  Tonight we will be having a comforting dinner of Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots and salad.  Okay, might as well throw some flaky buttermilk biscuits in for good measure.

I am and white yoga pants and a gray t-shirt with mis-matched socks.  *sigh* Why must the girls take my socks? They have their own...  *shrug*

I am creating...a menu for the week and a "To Do" list that's a mile long.  I don't care what anyone says - I love making lists.  I love the satisfaction of crossing things off at the end of the day/week/month, etc and knowing that I accomplished something.  I am not against dreaming and setting goals, but they'll never become reality if you never tackle your list.

I am stay in the house all day.  I will not be stepping a toe nail out of this house.  There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

I am wondering...what I'd like to create for our upcoming Valentine's banquet.  My husband has the place reserved and the date set, but no theme yet.  I like to know these things in advance... he likes to keep things exciting and mysterious. haha!

I am reading...Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs I am just starting it actually and am looking forward to seeing what this curious book is all about.

I am hoping...that my boy gets better real quick, that Taryn's neck will feel better and that Hannah wins her game.  =)

I am looking forward to...some down time with my family.  It's my favorite thing.  Being home, with my favorite people, relaxing and being together.  Yeah, it's the best.

I am learning...that there are people that I can love, but I have to love them from far away.  

Around the house...there is much to do.  Mostly cleaning and laundry, but what's new? 

I am pondering...over the happenings of this last weekend.  Our friend Michael's body was finally laid to rest.  The service led by his youth pastor was beautifully done and my husband shared at the grave side service.  Michael certainly touched many lives.  The church was completely full.  We will not forget him!

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite rain.  I love the smell of it, the sound of it, sight of it...  I love that it reminds me of Washington and my honeymoon in Hawaii... I love rain.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I plan to catch up on all that a busy mom, wife and ministry worker has to do.  I plan to do things for myself as well (lest you think that I'm unbalanced lol) like my daily work outs, create in the art studio, read, etc.  

A peek into my day...
They gave out these bracelets at Michael's funeral.  They say his name and dates of his birth and passing and they also say "Always in our hearts."  The two youngest even got some smaller ones so that they could wear them to remember Michael.  We don't need bracelets to do that, but I think it's a sweet reminder.


  1. I love the thankfulness for the simple things. Such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing! Hope everyone feels better.

    Tänia of Simply God's Girl

  2. beautiful day blog. love the bracelets. <3


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