Monday, February 13, 2012

Diary of 5 :: Week 6

I am seeing... my son play with a handful of plastic little dinosaurs. He's got them all set up on the bed here next to me. I love listening to him as he uses his imagination.

I am hearing...the news and the speculation about Whitney Houston's death.  I was sad to hear about her passing even though it seemed that it was bound to happen. She was publicly spiraling out of control before the media for many years now.  She was an icon - not an idol for me - but her music was a part of my life my teen years and up.  I sang several of her songs in high school for different events such as "One Moment In Time" and "Greatest Love of All".  She sang the very best National Anthem performance I've ever heard in 1991 Super Bowl.  Very sad...

I am smelling...absolutely nothing.  My allergies have me all stuffed up.  blech.

I tasted...some throat spray.  Yup.  Those allergies I mentioned?  Drained down my throat so that I woke up with a sore throat today.  I know, not very pretty to talk about my blog - but I never promised you pretty. hehe.

I am feeling...tired and a little draggy, but I'm really looking forward to this week.  Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I really hope to make it special for my family.  Hoping to try some pinterest heart themed foods and fun for them.
Won't you come in and have some coffee? Stay and chat with me for a bit!

A diary of 5 was created to give your senses a gentle work-out in helping you to become more aware of those little moments around you. To join in with others that are participating, you can click on the picture link below.


  1. allergies... hate em'! Wish I could give you some love bug hugs and kisses today on Valentines day! love you

  2. Hi Sherry, I noticed you retweeted one of my tweets and came to see who you are! I am also a pastor's wife and from Upland CA...close to you! I hope you feel better soon. That nasty cold is making itself known around here too.

  3. Hope you're feeling better dear Sherry!! How did the Pinterest sweet treats turn out?! Hope your day was full of love! xoxo I love the LOVE IN YOUR HOME!!


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