Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Mom, I've never heard God's voice..."

A friend of mine had her daughter (who is now in jr. high) go through all of their dvd's and they gifted us about 20 new movies/cartoons/games/etc.  My kids got a whole set of Veggie Tales dvd's and they've been watching one after the other (could get just a wee bit annoying haha!).
Well, my youngest child Marco (age 5), was watching the Jonah one and "Jonah" must've mentioned "hearing God speak" or "hearing God's voice" and my boy, who is so thoughtful always, looks at me and says: "Mom, I never heard God's voice.  I really tried, but... NOTHING." As he said it, he had his hands going and his face was all scrunched up. He was really worried.   Awwww.  I almost started crying.
I told him that there are different ways that he could hear God's voice.  He could hear God's voice when he gets that feeling in him to do something right or that nudging that says 'no' when he's about to do something that he's not supposed to be doing; he could hear God's voice when Mom and Dad are talking to him and telling him how much they love him or how special he is, because God uses people we love to feel His love here on earth...
I continued giving him different circumstances where he might hear God's voice and he listened intently.  I also told him that one day he might actually hear God's voice in his heart or in his dreams - who knows?
He was very glad to know that he could hear God's voice.  My boy takes things literally and I am so glad I didn't not shrug off this question.  He seemed content after our talk and happily went back to watching the show.
Of course, I felt like I might just have a cry after that because of his tender heart.  Oh, how I want to protect it.  There are so many evils out there, so many hurts, so many lessons to learn, so many temptations and choices that we are faced with day to day.
Then I also thought about how I, as an adult, also want to hear God's voice.  It is something I CRAVE.  I don't want to hear a 'still, small voice' either.  I want to hear Him loud and clear!!  I have to be transparent here and admit that there were times that I was more concerned about what others had to say to me regarding my relationship with Christ or what THEY thought would make me a better "christian".
I am so glad to say that I no longer depend on any person to be THAT voice.  I have heard the Voice of TRUTH and it is a voice of GRACE and MERCY.  It is a voice of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  I hear it when I read His Word, when I commune with Him, when I worship Him, when I listen to music - all kinds of music, I hear His voice when I see beauty around me in an otherwise ugly world, I hear His voice when I have paint on my brush or ink under my fingernails and I hear His voice through those that love me just the way I am.
Yes, often times His voice is one that teaches, corrects and even chastises - but I always know when it is HIM because it is spoken in love - not condemnation.  It is convicting and firm, yet I know it is Him and not just guilt...
Isaiah 30:21
Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, "This is the way you should go," whether to the right or to the left.
Do you hear God's voice?  How do YOU hear Him?  How do you know it's Him?


  1. love this post. I often talk to Miguel about Josiah and his heart. He sounds so much like your Marco. His heart is tender and loving. He wants to be everyones best friend. I pray God will proctect his heart and keep it this way always. What is it with our sons? They're different. <3

  2. Who knew Veggie Tales would lead to something so sweet. I love that boy!

  3. Who knew Veggie Tales would lead to something so sweet? I love that boy!


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