Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of School 2012 - 2013

Things sure got busy at the end of the summer!  School started and we have been up and running ever since!  I never even posted my back to school pictures!  I did post them on fb and sometimes I feel like that is the reason my blog has been slow.  I tend to post stuff on fb before my blog now.  I don't want things to be redundant... but I do have friends and family that follow my blog who are not on fb - so this is for you. =)

Hannah is starting her senior year.  She has become a beautiful, well-balanced young lady.  We are really proud of her and so excited for her this year! It's bittersweet of course, knowing this may be her last year at home as a "kid".  College next year... hopefully not too far away and even better by me if she stays home instead of the dorms somewhere. haha!
Taryn is now in 8th grade. Just one more year until High School! She is doing great with her grades and even joined AVID this year.  Glad that she loves school and goes to a great one!

Naomi is now a Second Grader.  She likes school enough.  I think she'd rather stay home with us, but she does pretty well.  I'm thankful for her teachable attitude and am excited to see what this year holds for her!
My little guy... What can I say about him??  He is my baby and he started kindergarten this year.  I am a little jealous that he will take all of his questions and curiosities and be able to share it with a new lady in his life - Mrs. Wilson. Ha!  He adores her already.  Marco is so tender and eager to learn.  He will do well this year.  I am sure of it.
My life.
The obligatory backpack shot.  Being able to get these nice backpacks for them really mean something special to me this year.  We are blessed beyond measure.  It's just that sometimes, I forget. Do you ever forget or is it just me? 
No "character" backpacks for these girls anymore. lol 
Surely, this backpack means success is sure to follow...right?
After dropping the two olders off at their schools, I drove to the elementary school and parked so that I could go in with the littles.  I caught Marco reaching over to hold his sister's hand.  SO sweet.  When I took the picture, they dropped hands and gave me a look. haha.  They turned around and went back to holding hands.   My brave boy was just a little nervous, but he had his big sister looking after him!
He found his name and seat right away.
The "new woman" in his life. *sigh*  Mrs. Wilson =)
Naomi also got settled in right away in her classroom.
This is her sweet teacher, Mrs. Hernandez.
Oh, did I mention that Marco is in all-day Kindergarten?  Yes.  They get in and start working and it's non-stop all day, no naptime, just lunch and a recess. 
I knew he'd be tired, but after giving us kisses, he climbed into the van and before we got out of the parking lot, he was asleep.  Awwww. My boy. 

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