Monday, January 28, 2013

hello monday|four

 hello open view. The whole area in front of my home was quite grown over. The gardeners came through and cut everything way back and I believe it's all ready for spring to come along!
 hello beautiful girl. This was my dear Hannah on Saturday evening - all ready to go to the Midwinter formal.  She had a couple friends come over for a light dinner that I prepared and then off they went to the dance.  They ended up going to Denny's afterward and stayed out late.  I was happy that she could have this fun and experience with her buddies. She said they were practically falling asleep at Denny's, but who could blame them after playing THREE water polo games that day and then rushing home to get ready for the dance. Proud of my girl and so glad for her.
 hello sock bandit.  Really? Where is the mate to all of these socks??  Not surprisingly they mostly belong to my two oldest girls... *sigh*
 hello february.  I can't believe we are just about finished with January.  
So far 2013 has been a great year. ;)
hello breakfast in bed. I'm so thankful for the time my hubby and I have on Mondays. It's his one day off and mine too. =)  He usually spends the morning in his office planning out his week as I putter around with house work. This morning he came back from taking the kids to school and then brought this up for me. I am so thankful for him and his selfless ways. 

So there you go. hello monday and new beginnings.

Inspired by my friend, Lee at Embrace Life, Hello Monday provides a peek into the coming week - in all its glory. Join us and Lisa for the Hello Monday fun

“Measure not men by Sundays,
without regarding what they do all the week after”
~Thomas Fuller


  1. Hi Sherry!
    The Roast Chicken recipe was really good. I made an addition based on the comments where I found the recipe - I added thin slices of potato to the roasting pan and set the chicken on top of that. The potatoes cook up crispy and flavored by the chicken drippings. Now, I wish I had sprayed the roasting pan first with non stick spray, because the potatoes did stick.
    As for the sock bandit above - don't you know it is completely "in" to have non matching socks? My daughter doesn't even buy matching socks anymore....

  2. What a beautiful day Sherry!
    I really can't get over how much your kids are growing up; it's crazy. I haven't really known you all that long... and yet... your children are really aging! (We're not though right?) ha!
    How sweet of your Hubby to bring you such a lovely breakfast in bed! Looks like he knows how to make your coffee just right too! That's love right there. :)


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