Monday, March 18, 2013

hello monday|ten

hello monday. You've managed to sneak up on me again. Looks like our regular Monday dental appointment has been cancelled so I actually have a bit of free time to try and catch up on some projects... or I could just lounge around and make my sister proud.  I seem to have issues where I can't let myself relax.  Still trying to work on my One Little Word: MINIMIZE. *sigh*  It's a work in progress for sure.
We have Hannah's Water Polo banquet to attend tonight. I'm sure there will be pictures to follow. :)
hello  Monday Mugshots. So, here's my mug this a.m. Filled with Folger's Black Silk coffee and Almond Joy creamer.  It's in the middle of my messy art table because that's what's going on this morning.  I really feel like I have not had a break all month.  I need to clean up this mess before I can think straight and get to work in my journal.  I have a prompt from A Year in the Life of an Art Journal that I want need to work on.
hello new hair style and locks of love. Naomi finally decided that she was ready to cut her hair.  She also decided that it would be really nice to donate her locks to Locks of Love.  I'm so proud of her and I love the new look.  Ready for summer!
hello Easter mantel. I usually do a new look each month on my entry way table. However, we have two holidays this month that we like decorating for around here.  Bring on the Cadbury mini eggs to finish this look! ;)
hello Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurant. My husband decided, on a whim, to take us to Farrell's last night.  We recently had one open near us and he remembered how much fun he had there when he was a kid.  We had a blast.  Good food and even better atmosphere of fun for the whole family.  The servers there were awesome!  Will be great for special occasions in the future!  

So there you go. hello monday and new beginnings.

Inspired by my friend, Lee at Embrace Life, Hello Monday provides a peek into the coming week - in all its glory. Join us and Lisa for the Hello Monday fun.

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