Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reverb 10|Day 11|Things

December 11 – 11 Things
What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?
(Author: Sam Davidson)
Okay. Now this is the kind of prompt I like. I am blogging later and later at night these days and that's not a good thing. I find that my thoughts are tired and my writing is flat. I am not going to count that as one of the 11 things to get rid of though, because it's got to stop here. =) I know of 11 things and more that I can do without. Let's see...
1. Clutter: Literal clutter like the piles of papers that the kids bring home, the lists, the project ideas, the books...oh, the books. Then there is the clutter on my laptop, which I have been tackling some of...copying all of my photos to an external hard drive and organizing the ones I do want to keep here. I have my over-flowing Google reader and blog list to go through. Lastly, the clutter in my head. Yep. I think too much. It's why I can't sleep at night and probably the reason I faint away every once in a while. Going to work on organizing my thoughts, think positively, pray and meditate, etc.
2. Pounds: Nope, I'm not talking British bucks either. You know...tonage. It's gotta go. How will I eliminate those pesky 100 pounds? haha. Well, diet and exercise right? Pffffttt. I am going to look at pictures of myself from back in the day and remember how good I felt and tell myself how great it will be to be able to look forward to clothes shopping instead of dreading it... yeah, or I'll just try the diet and exercise. *sigh*
3. Self-neglect: Well, this could fall into the pounds category and vice versa, but I just need to take better care of myself. Everything from dry, ashy elbows to my wiley eyebrows, to my hideous collection of undergarments...we just need to stop the madness. I will budget it in and make time for me. =)
4. Stress/Worry: The sad thing is that I usually am not even worrying about my own problems. It's other people's problems that I worry over. I want to help, I want to fix, and sometimes that means carrying their burden. Well, I can only do so much and my family needs me to have a clear head and heart for them.
5. Excess Sugar/Junk Food/Fast Food: There just needs to be some balance. A big part of me not eating right, is a lack of planning or our hectic schedule. Sometimes I have every intention of cooking a healthy meal, but I don't plan ahead or I allow our crazy schedule to get in the way - it's got to stop. I will plan and I will prepare.
6. Sleep Deprivation: I know that in my journey to wellness, I am going to have to sleep better. I stay up too late and wake up too early usually. On top of that, I usually wake up sore and more tired than the day before. I am looking into getting some pillows that we both like. I'd love to get another one of those pillows with the "buckeye hulls" in them. That was great for me. Then I need to work on getting myself to bed early and that's it. Lights out.
7. Facebook over Blogging/Creating: I like to go on facebook to connect, but it's also my "downtime", my no think zone... I am going to try to first blog and post pics on my blog rather than at facebook. Then, I will just update my fb with my blog information... As for creating, I think I will need to schedule that as if I had an appointment and then just do it!
8. Unflattering/old clothing: This problem is mainly because of the weight and also because of money. How many times has my sister threatened to call What Not To Wear on me?? I need to tackle the weight, then I can deal with this one...
9. Inner critic: Usually an inner critic is not that bad. However, if your inner-critic is anything like mine - then forget it. I am a kill joy when it comes to my own work. I am not good enough for me - that's just dumb. When I turned 40 this year, I decided I better embrace everything about myself...the good, the bad, and the ugly.
10. Fake friends: Yup, we've all got 'em. Time to let them go. They are welcome to come back if they ever figure out how to be a friend (A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly...), but until then - I am no longer chasing after you nor am I going to try to win you to me. I will be kind, but I'd like it in return.
11. Yelling: I grew up in a very loud house. Lot's of yelling. I am getting better, but there are times... I hate it though and I don't want to yell and I don't want yelling in my house.

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  1. I so relate to everyone of them. It is as if you are talking about me.
    Thanks for sharing <3


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