Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reverb 10|Day 22|Travel

December 22 – Travel
How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?
(Author: Tara Hunt)
We don't get to travel as much as we'd like. With a family of 6 and the youngest child being 3 years old, we try to keep our trips as simple and minimal in cost as possible. We did do a few trips to the beach and the coast, but as for big travel, we did get to do a two week trip.
We went up to Washington for my brother-in-law's wedding. We were there for a few days and got to visit with my mom, dad and sister who live there.
After the wedding, we went to Idaho for a few days to visit with the Bruce family. It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with our best friends from college. They have three girls and a boy just like us, and that helped the kids to get along fabulously. I got a chance to see the great ministry they have going on there in Boise. We spent lots of time just laughing and enjoying each others company.
We mostly enjoyed watching the kids laugh and play together. The girls matched up pretty evenly in age, however our boys are like 10 years apart. Timbo was still very sweet with little Marco and played with him and kept him occupied.
We actually cried when it was time to leave. There is definitely a special bond there.
The drive up and back seemed to take forever, but we saw some beautiful scenery and had a great time making memories together.
I'd love to visit my girlfriends this coming year and I also hope to take a super vacation with my brother Ondray and his family... I love traveling and have been blessed to have been all over the world.
To me, it's not as important where I am, as it is who I'm with.

Naomi and Marco (flower girl and ring bearer)

At the base of the Seattle Space Needle

In Idaho with my dear Kindred Spirit, Erin

Our beautiful girls...

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