Thursday, January 13, 2011

January's 12of12

So my 12 of 12 started BEFORE I even went to sleep on 1.11.11. I was working on some magnets for a Yahoo swap group and I realised that I was already onto the 12th! Time to go to bed!

Here's my Hannah girl. Getting ready for school. Actually cooperative - knowing it must be the 12th since I've got my camera out before I've even brewed any coffee. haha.

After the girls were off to school, I gave Marco the little mailbox that I made for him. I make and sell these on etsy and I also do affirmation and encouragement boxes that contain verses, quotes, etc. for any ocassion. He watches me make these and send them off and has always wanted one of his own. I think he liked, don't you? =)

I had to go to Naomi and Taryn's school real quick, so I decided to grab a quick self-portrait. I really don't have much practice taking my own picture - especially in the mirror - so it ended up not being as quick as I thought. I finally settled on one that I thought captured my likeness without too much glare from the flash... Hello - good to meet you!

When I got to the school, I noticed that the flags were flying half-staff honoring the victims of the Tragedy in Tucson, Arizona.

When I got home, I decided to work in my studio and I finally tried out some of these vintage fountain pens that I got from my great-grandmother. The one in the middle actually was made in the 1800's. They still work great with my India Ink. Knowing that my great-great grandparents used these items make them special treasures.
Here's my Naomi who's enjoying some mac n' cheese.

Wednesday means that it's Inspiration Wednesday with Donna Downey. I look forward these videos every week and today was no exception. I just love watching the process. I wish more artists would do this with their art journaling. It just gives me a sense of affirmation, I guess, to see how they work through a piece.

I was getting ready to make zucchini boats, but went ahead and tried it "lasagna" style by slicing the zucchini instead of loading them individually. It was a great hit. If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive, low-carb meal - this is the way to go. Oh, and ALL of the kids loved it.
Here's Taryn taking a little break before we had to go to our mid-week church service.

Here's where we have church. We have been renting this building from a Seventh Day Adventist church and it's worked out great since we don't have our church services on the same day. I love our congregation (the people) and that is what the church is. THE PEOPLE Not perfect, many short-comings - but real!! I love each and every one of them. Isn't the arch shaped building cool? =)

I have a goal of drinking plenty of water. At least three 16 oz. glasses. It was almost time for bed and I had fallen short. I decided to go ahead and drink my water. Even if it meant that I'd probably have to get up at least once to use the restroom in the middle of the night. lol I tend to get busy and not drink enough of anything during the day. I am probably borderline dehydrated all the time.

Well, that was pretty much my day. As always, I hope you will join in on this fun way of recording your day each month in 12 shots.
If you participate in 12of12, let me know and leave a link so I can see your day as well!


  1. LOVE your day ... makes me laugh that you went to sleep after the day had started. So you. Makes me happy (but sad for the circumstance) that you used the right phrase: half staff not half mast. Glad you're doing this again!

  2. hiya, as a fellow crafter, I also enjoy Donna's videos on a weekly basis. They really are inspirational! Great blog by the way, I love the name!


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