Saturday, January 1, 2011

My One Little Word ~ JOURNEY

Inspired by Ali Edwards, this is my third year choosing one little word as a "guiding" word for the year. Words that I've chosen in the past are FOCUS and TRUE and as you know, this year it is JOURNEY.
The reason I chose the word JOURNEY is because I realised that I rarely ever take time to enjoy the journey. It's like I'm always concerned more about the destination or the details rather than the actual journey. I took this from my first Reverb10 post that asked us to tell about our One Word:
"As for my word for 2011, I already know what it will be. JOURNEY. I am not making any promises and I have no "itinerary" for this trip. I will take each day and make the best of it. I wonder who I'll meet on my journey. I wonder what I will see, what I will experience and what I will learn... This year I celebrated my 40th birthday and I'm excited to live fully. I am not afraid. I have hope that it will be my best year yet. How about you?"
I am looking forward to what this year holds!

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