Friday, December 31, 2010

Reverb 10|Day 31|Core Story

My paper doll family from my Soul Journaling.
December 31 – Core Story
What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world? (Author: Molly O’Neill)
I am all about my family. ALL about them. I once read a thread on a scrapbook forum that I used to frequent. It was started by a woman who is a wife and mother. For some reason, she had to make a point at saying how she felt sorry for women who describe themselves as a wife or mother FIRST. She went on to list all of the things in which she felt accomplished, she listed her degrees and certificates, her hobbies, etc, etc... There were ladies that agreed, there were others that tried to defend their feelings about it, but me? I just shook my head and clicked off the page and moved on. I felt sorry for HER. I felt sorry that instead of just being happy about who she was and all that she accomplished, she felt she had to put others down because they seemed to be too happy at what they were doing. Surely, it could not be real.
Well guess what lady? I LOVE being a wife and mother. It is who I am. It is my central story. Does that mean that I have lost the real me? That I've given up my dreams for a life of servitude? Absolutely not. My family really is my life and when they are happy - I am happy. That's it. I live for them and guess what? They live for me. See, that's how real love goes...
There you go. If you wanted to see my core, that's what you would see.


  1. Whoot! A standing ovation for you Sherry :) I really enjoyed getting to know, and appreciate you more, through the #reverb10 prompts. You're incredible and as lucky as you are to have your family, they are equally lucky to have you. Happy 2011!

  2. I remember that thread. I too, feel the same as you, you just have a great way of saying it! Thanks for your blog post, I love it!

  3. Hi. I'm new to your blog and have enjoyed reading your reverbs. I loved participating in #reverb10 and hate to see the prompts end.

    Thank you for adding my photography challenge to you blog. I hope you will be joining and sharing your OLW for 2011.


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