Saturday, February 12, 2011

February's 12 of 12

Just a typical Saturday morning...dancing around in her tutu. =)

I LOVE it when he sits with his legs crossed like this, totally relaxed and into his book. This one is about insects. What a surprise. lol

Lots and lots of tulle laid out in preparation for our Valentine's Banquet at church. This is basically all I'm doing you'll see more pictures of the preparations...

These are the centerpieces in the making. They will be filled with colored water, but instead of the giant flower in the picture, my friend Angie is going to MAKE 10 beautiful hand-made flowers. I will definitely be posting pictures of those later! These are just simple X's and O's cut out with the Cricut and then added to ribbon.

My daughter, Hannah, helped me with painting these for our favor bags. They will be filled with Hershey's hugs and kisses. Cute right?

Just having some fun while the watercolors were out. We all got a little face paint. I even donned a Unfortunately there is not a picture of that. =D

Marco had to ask his sister for a spider when he saw that Naomi got a butterfly. At one point, I looked up to see my 15 year old Hannah with her face painted to look quite like Frida Kahlo.
Silly girl. Of course she would not allow me to photograph her that way...but I did try!!

Daddy came home with some $5 pizzas and yummy burritos. I totally appreciated the fact that he knew I was knee-deep in banquet prep and didn't expect me to stop and cook. =)

Here are my two youngest girls with their own paints and spending the day with me while I work. I love that all of my children are very expressive and unique in their art. They love to create - even my three year old loves it.

This is a picture of over 50 journals my friends and I made. We each had a little part in the simple journals and made them "assembly line" style. The papers were sewn into the heavy cardstock and a heart die was added (cut with the Cricut) that was stamped and heat embossed. These will also be given to the ladies at the banquet. I will post other pictures of these later as well.

These are simple photo holders that I made with binder clips. I requested that all the couples give me a picture from their wedding day and I copied them and printed them out in a wallet size. These will be displayed on the table and the couple can take it home afterwards.

So, it was getting very late and I was just spent. I've had a lot on my mind besides the banquet. I have learned of several friends lately that are battling cancer or some serious hardships. My heart has been heavy for them. It was also my mother's birthday yesterday and I miss her terribly. Anyway, I thought I'd peek in on my facebook before I went to bed to see if I had a reply to a message I sent someone. This is what I found. About 6 "pokes" from friends, former students, etc. You know, I don't really get the point of these "pokes" and it was kind of annoying that I'd have them "cluttering" up my side-bar - but now I look at it and smile because it means that these people are thinking of me. Sometimes I will let them sit there for a bit and I will smile knowing that they can't "poke" me again until I delete them or poke them back. lol
I just know that I am very blessed. I know that I can not fix anybody's problems, but I can pray for them, send them my best wishes, listen to them and encourage them. I am looking forward to a wonderful Sunday - I know that I'm always uplifted there.
Happy 12 of 12! If you also participate in 12 of 12, leave me your link. I'd love to see what you were up to as well! =)

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  1. Looks like an awesome day! I probably took 12 pictures on Saturday, but didn't post them all together. There's always next month!


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