Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just a little pep talk!

A {Simple Thing} that I noticed this morning on my Halls cough drops. There's a little "pep talk" in every drop! That really made me smile. Just like the little quotes on the tea...oh, which tea is that??...and the sweet quotes on the Dove chocolates. These are simple things that make me smile.

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  1. That is cute. =) I never knew they had those little quotes. Is it the Imperial Tea Garden that has the quotes? Hope you have a great day sis!

  2. So, I saw your ETSY page on the right and clicked on it and tried to write a comment on how I love Julius's hanging board... but couldn't figure it out. lol THEN, I found Nahvrianna's page with the baby knitted crocs and fell in love! Is it really easy to order and pay on this site? Is $15 a good price for them? I think I want to buy Justus some!!! Let me know!


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