Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Little Word|Captured|Week 6

One of the reasons I chose the word JOURNEY for my OLW for 2011 is that I wanted to be reminded to take notice of the little things...the details along the journey. I'm not talking about the technical details of a day or special event - that's the thing I'm trying to get away from! I obsess over making sure that everything is okay and that everyone is in their place and that everything is .... perfect. Well, of course you can hardly ever have things completely "perfect", but I'd let the whole day go by and totally miss the "magic" of the moment because I was so worried about everything else. Seriously. My wedding, graduations, my children's birthday parties, special events at school or church that I was in charge of...
Anyway, when my husband and I went downtown, I decided I wanted to enjoy it and take it all in. I took all kinds of pictures of the great architecture, a building that was two different colors because they had started painting it and many other fun things that I normally would've rushed by - then I saw these trees. They lined the walk near the spot where we parked. I didn't notice them at all when we first got out of the car. Had they bloomed after I arrived? That would've been crazy. Nope, they were there. Marco said he noticed them when he pulled up. Oh, that's right...I was checking my camera and checking the time on my phone...
They were so beautiful. I thought about the terrible weather a lot of my friends were dealing with and how they'd probably love to see a beautiful tree like this. I really took them in and took time to think about my friends and family out east. I'm going to be a different person at the end of this JOURNEY and I can't wait to see who that's going to be.
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