Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple Things~Happy Finds

Finally got a chance to visit an adorable little antique and gift shop here in town. It's called Mrs. Darlings and it IS darling. It is owned and operated by the sweetest lady. I have gone past her store for three years or more and never went in...until today. I loved it. I mostly just looked around and ooohed and ahhhhed. Then I came across all this ephemera. Baskets and baskets full. I was not in a hurry at all. I took my time and fingered through it all and picked out pieces that really caught my eye. I love old ephemera of all types but I especially love school things and anything with lilies of the valley on them. I picked up some vintage Valentine's, product ads, and school themed items a few hand-written report cards from as far back as 1917. Simplicity. I love it.
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  1. How fun! I'm sure you'll get really creative with your little treasures. I tend to just keep them in a drawer. what a waste :sigh:

  2. Oh, that would have been wonderful looking through all that lovely ephemera. What a beautiful selection.
    Lisa xx

  3. How fun! I love stores like that! Great photo.


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