Wednesday, April 13, 2011

12 of April...

Today was a different day for sure. I was in Boise, Idaho when I woke up. I had gone on an unexpected trip to be with a friend that needed me. 1) It feels great to know you're needed. 2) I was thankful for my very understanding husband who agreed that I should go and for the way it worked out and was possible for me to fly there on a moments notice. =) I ended my 12th in my bed in California. I sat up in bed, did some reading, wrote in my journal and then checked on some of the blogs I follow. My friend and I were up until 4 a.m., so I thought that I should ease into the morning. I guess I could have technically began taking pictures around 1 a.m. eh? After a shower and getting ready, I brought my luggage up. Just one small suitcase and my computer bag. I pack very light and love being low maintenance when it comes to travel. This is Lily. She is Erin's 6 year old. Ready for ballet. So sweet. We haven't changed much since college...right? ;) We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. It's one of my favorite places to eat, but we don't have any where I live. Lily was playing the peg game which made me miss my little ones who always loved playing whenever we were able to go to one. The food was comfort food in it's finest and the atmosphere reminded me of our college days. This is Erin and her husband Tim.

We were dropped off at the mall to pass some time before I had to leave for my flight. Pictured with us is Sean. He is their assistant pastor and works with their youth. He is authentically funny and incredibly gifted with the power of prayer. I was encouraged by his easy way of speaking to God.

Once we were in the mall, I made a bee-line for Borders book store. I wanted to pick up the book "Heaven is For Real". I love their gift section and was delighted to see their seasonal items.

Not a bad mall...for Boise. haha ;)

My plane was delayed and I ended up spending three hours at the airport...waiting for my flight. I decided to get a bite to eat. This sandwich was incredible. Grilled chicken with brie, grilled veggies, mmmm. Yeah, I didn't mind the wait and a chance to read and relax.

Southwest Airlines. 4 different flights round-trip. No complaints from me.

This was taken in Oakland, California. I had a 45 minute wait and then flew in to Ontario. I wanted to take a picture when I got home or whatever - but I was done. I still have that ridiculous cold with the horrible cough and I've just had enough. What a day. Long and full spent with old friends, new friends and my family. Did I mention that I feel super blessed? I do.


  1. It looks like a wonderful day! I'm sure that Ontario airport has changed a ton since I was there - many times - years ago during my annual pilgrimages to Palm Springs :) Sigh. Good for you for having a good friend who needed you and for your friend to have you to go to her. So nice! Now take care of that cold!

  2. I like this blog and I like this amazing friend who dropped her whole world to come to me. I'm still kind of in shock. :)Erin

  3. Glad you got to be a friend :) in person.


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