Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Morning walk...

Got up super early and went for a walk in my mom's neighborhood. She lives in a new housing developement, but since it's in Washington, I didn't have to go far to find some open spaces...

I love a nice smooth rock, so when I came upon this one left on this tree stump, I felt like it was a love note left for me. haha. I decided to leave it there and just snap a picture of it so that someone else could come along and see it too. =)

Lots of ferns...

Loved being out for a walk before the flowers even woke up. So delicate...

More and more green!!

This was taken in front of my mom's house. We were kind of sad to see a fence put around the pond where all the frog sounds were coming from at night, but I guess safety first! Naomi thought it was a great backdrop for some stylin' poses. haha

My little guy? Oh, yes...he was already hunting for ''treasures" and came across this very large rock. Um...yeah - you've got to keep an eye on that one!

Here's the end of my mom's street...boring for some, but thought the siblings would like to see the neighborhood.

Here's the pond up close.

Oh! We saw this house on the other side of the housing track. Kind of creepy for the kids. The actual house is dilapidated obviously, but then there was a mobile home on the lot also where I am assuming the people live. They are right smack dab in the middle of this brand new housing track. Looks like they are holding out and hanging on to their land. Good for them! =)

Well, that was a glimpse at my little ramble through my mom's neighborhood. Not too exciting, but I thought that my siblings would like to see it. They have not been out to visit my parents' new house yet. Next post - Seattle's Pike Place Market!!


  1. Lovely! Even though you may not think it's exciting, I love that you found the Beauty in it.

  2. Sherry,
    I didn't think that was boring at all. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and looking at the pictures <3


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