Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seattle's Pike Place Market - Part 1

Pikes Place Public Market is a favorite for everyone. I am vowing though that the next time I go - it will be alone or with people that really appreciate it. I don't like being rushed through places like this, you know? Well, I guess the fact that there were 8 of us trying to make our way through the crowded market, each with their own agenda, should have given me a clue to how it would be. There is so much to see, hear, smell, taste, feel...a definite party for your senses. Let me walk you through the photos. =)

Here is the famous piggy bank located at the front of the market. I'm pretty sure that I've taken a picture of each of the girls when they were babies on this thing.

I love listening to the different street entertainers. Some are actually very good!

This guy did a little act/dance whenever someone dropped a bit of change in the can. The bigger the donation, the better the show. haha

The guys that "throw fish" at the front of the market are probably the most famous thing at Pikes Market. They are high energy and fun all the time. There's always a huge crowd around their lot and when someone asks for a fish the one guy yells out the order and throws it. Then the other guy yells out a repeat of the order as he catches, weighs and wraps it. Really cool and exciting for all that are watching.

This is a monk fish, Yo! They have one of these on display all the time. Of course with a face like that, anyone would be curious to get a close look. Well, the guys behind the counter love to give a little surprise tug on the tail of that beast and it always gets a good squeel out of anyone too close and unsuspecting.

Guess who one of their recent victims were? haha Made us all laugh so hard.

Local, fresh fruit...

All kinds of seafood - local and from the shores of Alaska.

These looked so good! I thought about buying some, but didn't want them sitting in the van the rest of the day.

The rest of our trip in the next post!

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