Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seattle's Pike Place Market - Part two

One of the greatest things about the market is the vendors that sell their hand-crafted items. You can find everything from jewelry, to hand-bound leather journals, to stuffed animals. Lots of unique items. My mom didn't think much of any of it. She just tends to be that way - or she thinks everything is over priced - which may be true, but I appreciate hand-crafted items and loved giving everything a look.

She did end up buying a frog for Marco and a mermaid for Naomi from this booth. The lady sewed these little creatures with a machine and then filled them with sand and hand stitched them shut. Really cute.

This booth had home-made jellies, jams, pickled veggies, and sauces. After tasting about 10 different jellies, my dad finally decided that he liked the huckleberry best. I was glad to buy him a jar. My dad totally gets my love for the market, art, etc. He gets ME. =)

Beautiful flowers!! Priced very good too.

LOVE the giant peonies.

These daisies just popped. So bright and fresh.

As I was looking at some of the flowers and such, Marco and Naomi had talked their dad into getting a balloon from this guy. Marco chose a dragon and Naomi asked for a crown with a flower on it.

And then he asked Taryn what she wanted. She was reluctant to ask for one at first, but then gladly accepted the flower wristlet. It's hard being a tween sometimes. ;)

We decided it was time to walk down to the water front. We were all going to go to the Seattle Aquarium.

More street performers and clowns as you made your way down the very steep hill going several blocks down.

Taking a break - but almost there!

This gentleman played beautifully on the clarinet.

Cool art work can be found all over Seattle in the form of paintings, sculptures and even fountains like this one.

Next stop...the Seattle Aquarium. Oh, and don't worry. I took along my Smash journal, ATC cards and watercolors and took time to create and work in my journal. Stay tuned for the rest of the trip.

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  1. Love the effort and thought that you put in to your journal.Very creative Sherry.

    I also learn from you how to stop and appreciate what God gave us.


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