Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pho for the first time!

It seemed like every time I turned around, someone was meeting up with their friends for Pho or having Pho on their lunch break or posting on their status that they were really craving some Pho. It was driving me nuts. It was worse when they'd post a picture because it always looked so good - or at least like they were having fun eating it. hehe
My husband had Pho once when a friend of his invited him out for lunch. He's not sure what he had, but he didn't care for it. I wasn't convinced. It's got to be good if this many people are talking about it around here, right?
Well, one of those people that are always taking pictures of it and posting about it is my youngest sister Deborah. So, when I knew that we were going to Washington, I told her she better take me and show me how it's done.
She whole-heartedly agreed. Let me take you through my lunch with the pictures. By the way - it's pronounced FU - short u. =)

We started out with a shrimp spring roll. I liked it. It was light and went well with the peanut sauce.

My sister's friend KP came along. I guess they are professionals when it comes to Pho. lol

I ordered the beef brisket Pho. It came in a very hot broth with TONS of rice noodles and chopped green onions. Then there is a whole selection of things that you can add to it. There's the mung bean sprouts, cilantro, jalapenos, mint, Vietnamese basil and lime. There are different sauces that you add to make it sweet, spicy, etc. I steered clear of the sweet. I did add a splash of Hoisin sauce, but that was it. I also only added the sprouts, cilantro, lime and a bit of basil.

I loved it. It took me forever to get to the bottom of the bowl, but it was delicious. Now that I know how it works, I will probably start looking for a good Pho place around here. =)

My mom and Marco ordered the one that not only had beef brisket, but it also had beef tripe. Ick. Not for me thankyouverymuch. My mom also loaded up the hot sauce in hers. She knows what she's doing. haha. Marco liked his as well.

Naomi is not an adventurous girl. She opted out and asked for fried dumplings. My oldest daughters Tary and Hannah thought that it was just "okay". They let Deborah prepare theirs (it was chicken) and she totally doused it with the Hoisin sauce giving it a very sweet taste.

Glad that my first (not my last) Pho experience was a good one. Oh, and I must add that my little sister paid for the whole meal. That was over $70!! She's a hard-working 23 year old, but I certainly didn't expect it. Thanks sis!!

Have you had Pho? What's your favorite kind and how do you like to eat it? Any tips for this newbie?


  1. Sterling and LOVE the rolls with the peanut butter sauce. It is yummy. I never tried PHO before and i want to. I need to ask Sterling to take me. It sounds so yummy.

  2. I had pho when I was with her. I thought it was just ok. But I think you have to acquire a taste for it and know how to make it to your liking. kind of like Posole or Menudo. that's awesome that she paid. Deb truly has a wonderful and loving heart. We're blessed to have such a great little turd.


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