Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tomato Bites...

On Tuesday, it will be 5 weeks since I got back to eating a paleo or primal type diet. Of course, I should technically put an asterisk there by those words because I am still enjoying some dairy products like cheese and I do indulge in sugar-free flavored creamer in my coffee in the morning... Anyway, I'm not doing that bad. I feel energetic and strong. I haven't really had any moments where I thought I'd have a "breakdown" and I've lost about 16 lbs. so far.
Fast forward to this afternoon when I got to talking with a friend about how I'm getting a pizza craving. Then my kids start saying that they would really like it if dad would pick up some Little Caesar's for them. Oh, no...I'm getting weak. Even $5 pizza sounds good. I start getting panicky.
I had to think quick. I called my oldest over and asked if she felt like throwing something together for me. She's more than happy to oblige (I just love her!).
In just a few minutes she presented me with these beauties. They were sooo good. Not the same as pizza, but I got the taste that I was looking for and I ate enough of them to feel full. They are now going to be a regular staple!! Try it out for yourself.
Here's what she used:
Amorosa tomatoes on the vine from Trader Joe's (little larger than cherry tomatoes)
Oven roasted turkey breast from TJ's
Shredded monterey jack and cheddar cheese
Mrs. Dash seasoning
Tapatio hot sauce.
Just slice the tomatoes, put a bit of turkey on top, cheese, and seasoning. Put it under the broiler for about 5 minutes - more if you want to cook down the tomato - just watch that the cheese doesn't burn up too bad. Add hot sauce if you want. ENJOY!! So satisfying. =) Another day, another victory.


  1. see i don't know if I could ever eat this because i do NOT love tomato's.... They do look yummy. Tomato's always look so yummy to me...

  2. Thanks for sharing this Sherry! I love tomatoes so much ... and wouldn't have thought to put Mrs. Dash on them either. For the past couple years I"ve really steered away from very much cheese. Only diet cheeses, and they have some good ones out now. I think I'll enjoy these recipes! Thanks friend!! xoxo


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