Thursday, August 4, 2011

the current | two

The only thing I have done for the party so far: the invitation made with my Cricut =)
listening to lots of Adele
eating lots of zucchini from the community garden
drinking a diet pespsi... I hardly ever have soda anymore...
wearing a pair of denim shorts that I couldn't wear a few weeks ago because of "muffin top"... not anymore!
feeling a little bit sad that summer is coming to an end
wanting and wishing I could take my family away for a mini vacation before school starts - just us.
needing to get a few more things done for Little Marco's birthday party this Saturday
thinking that I'd LOVE a deep dish Chicago pizza right about now
enjoying every bit of this summer
wondering what's for dinner
creating wonderful memories for my family - no matter what
procrastinating on making the centerpieces, games and decorations for the party.
pondering what it will be like this year with all four kids in school.
loving my simple, but very full life
anticipating getting my hair done soon. I need a cut and color sooo bad.

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