Thursday, August 18, 2011

Discovering the Sea Glass around me...

Have you ever found any sea glass? I'm pretty sure that I've come across some from time to time, but I guess I never realized what I was looking at. It wasn't until recently that I started to take note of sea glass.
This year has taken me on an incredible journey. I am sincerely learning to enjoy the MOMENTS along the journey, learning from the moments that aren't so easy or beautiful and learning how to see the joy and moving forward in my journey.
I "googled" sea glass to see if I could find out any information about it. I was surprised to find that there is a whole world of sea glass collectors out there. Because of all the new environmental laws about dumping trash, sea glass is becoming more and more rare. There are colors that are considered to be very valuable. Orange, yellow, rare shades of blue and green and red are like hitting the jack pot when they are discovered. Very beautiful, but more common, are the white, green and brown. Those are the colors I found on my most recent search.
The more I researched these little treasures, the more special they became to me. All at once, I felt like I had learned to appreciate something new - something that applies to my life - my journey.

Sea glass is formed by broken glass. This glass that starts out pretty common and worthless, gets thrashed around in the waves, being broken by the harsh current into shards of all sizes. Continual tossing and tumbling buff and smooth the sharp edges of the glass. The hydration process and saline found in the ocean gives it that unique, pitted and frosty appearance that can not be artificially created any other way.

Sometimes we go through times in life where we have been broken. Smashed by the current of life and it's events. Our life seems to be left in shards of sharp, hurtful edges.
That bottle that once had purpose, now seems worthless. Do you feel like your life no longer holds purpose? Do you feel like you no longer know what your purpose is in life?

I am sure that some bottles sink to the bottom of the ocean. They are filled with the sea water and sludge and get embedded deep into the ocean floor. But not some bottles, some bottles fight.
They may have been broken, they may be tossed in the storm, but they keep going. Oh, sure, it's a long difficult journey. Some of their pieces must be left behind.
Finally, they reach their destination (which is really the beginning of a new journey!). Catching rays of sun light that bounce off of them like jewels on a crown. They are beautiful pieces. Strong and smooth. They may be pitted and frosted - but it only gives them character. They bring joy to those that find them. Especially to those that are LOOKING for them. They have a new purpose. They delight someone's treasured collection. They might be made into a special piece of jewelry. They have history - a story to tell. Now, they are a part of a new journey. A new journey with a new purpose.

I pray that in my life, I will not give in to the waves that toss me to and fro. I want to fight my way through. I don't want to sink and be filled with negative sludge of self-pity and confusion. Sure, there are times where it gets really scary and for a moment you feel like you will never come up for air. But you do. Life goes on. And if you look at it right - you will see that you can learn from your experience. That there is purpose. Sometimes your destination changes. That's okay. But go on. Go on and shine.

James 1:2-4 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

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  1. What a beautiful post, Sherry. What once was ordinary transformed to the beautiful. The next time I am around the sea, I'll search for some sea glass.

  2. Sherry,

    That's a beautiful analogy! I love that! And you know I never even thought about sea glass, but I don't know why I'm amazed because God took the time to create so many beautiful things for us to enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great post! That's so true--almost always when we go through trials, we come out stronger.

    Thank you for participating in Faithful Fridays!

    God bless you!


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