Sunday, August 7, 2011

More of The Circus Party

I mentioned in a previous post that my daughters were going to a Circus themed party. Well, as I promised, here are the rest of the pictures. I can not take credit for the party itself - that was all Michelle and Angie - my two really good friends. I helped put my two daughters' outfits together and that was fun.
Besides all the goodies the girls received, they also each received a handmade flower for their hair along with a beard and mustache on a stick. When you wear the flower and the beard you become the "Bearded Lady"! Get it? =)
The table had a "big top" type covering above it and the table was decked with all kinds of yummy circus type foods and treats. Frozen strawberry lemonade, cotton candy, bananas for the monkeys, peanuts for the elephants and more!
There were also pickles on a stick, circus cookies, pixie sticks, lollipops, kettle corn...
Here are our two amazing hostesses. Angie dressed up like a gypsy, but somehow got photographed without the scarf on her head, and Michelle the adorable clown.
Here are a few of the guests with their beards...
(just trace your mustache/beard onto felt and cut out. Then hot glue it to a stick)
Corn dogs!!
My beautiful Hannah enjoying some kettle corn.
home-made funnel cake!!!
They played games like a hoola hoop contest...
Bean bag toss...
And the game that was the biggest hit of all - the tight rope walk! There was a string taped down on the ground. Each player was blind folded and given a cane "for balance". The object was to walk the tight rope. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong! Apparently when you are blind folded like that, you feel like you really might be up high and balance was very difficult. haha

Can't wait to see what the ladies have planned next!! Thanks Angie and Michelle!


  1. sounds like so much fun! love the beards

  2. Looks like so much fun. I loved the decorations, ideas and outfits


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