Sunday, September 11, 2011

His dwelling place...

I did not return to work this year.  So far.
Last year was supposed to be the year that I really was going to be a "stay at home" mom.
I saw my daughter's kindergarten teacher with 35 kids and no helper.  I started out as a volunteer and the next thing you know, I've been hired by the district.
This year will be different. It has to be. I've realized that I have a lot that I need to do at home.  I also have my little guy that I get to have for one more year before school starts.
Besides my mother, several other people have asked me what I would be doing since I'm not "working".
Well, first of all - I am always working.  That part makes me laugh, but here is just a glimpse of what's on my plate:
  • I have been and will continue to do pre-school for a few hours every morning with my four year old boy.  Kindergarten is very serious in this district and my little guy is going to be ready.
  • I am also the wife of a pastor.  Plenty of work to do there!  Our church is going on 5 years this October.  We have seen God do amazing things and we are so excited about the future.
  • Another thing is that I am the mother of four very active children.  I've got enough laundry and cleaning to do for a loooong time, not to mention homework to look after, activities, etc.
  • I also have my hobbies.  I love to craft, write letters, journal, blog, etc.  I have a huge book list to tackle.  Believe me...I've got plenty to do and my time is hardly ever idle
But you really want to know something?  I really think that God wants to rebuild the place where He dwells within me.  My husband preached on Nehemiah rebuilding the city.  Nehemiah was saddened that his city was in ruins and it broke his heart.  My husband touched on remembering the tragedy we all faced ten years ago on September 11.  He talked about how important it is to rebuild.
Well, it made me think.  I went through some changes, some growth and some hurts in regards to my beliefs and my walk with Christ.  I experienced these changes that left some holes in my belief system.  I've learned things that make me strive to have a more one on One experience with Christ and not worry about measuring up to anyone else's expectations.   I need to rebuild.  His dwelling place is in need of a make-over. =)  Time to sweep out the cobwebs.  Time to take out the old style that never really felt right anyway...  I get this extra time to wake up while the house is quiet and spend time in my devotions.  I get to go on nature walks with my little guy and really take in the wonder of His creation.  I get to read stories and talk to my little one about God's unconditional love that is for everyone. Yes, everyone...not just for those that believe the same as I believe, not just for those that go to the kind of church I go to or anything else.  This was the year of the JOURNEY...remember my one little word?  Well, it has been some JOURNEY indeed.  As hard as it is sometimes, it is getting sweeter every day.  
This year is going to be great as I "stay home" and work on my dwelling place and His dwelling place
Psalm 51:10
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. 
My little guy and I love walking at the park and looking at all of God's creations. 


  1. Sher, I love this. It's beautiful and it looks beautiful too. xo love you.

  2. Your journey is an inspiration, Sherry :)


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