Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome! To my siblings and to you too!

This is a post written to my siblings, but I welcome all of my friends to stay and visit.  As I get older, I am learning more and more that I truly have an amazing family.  I am blessed to know these wonderful people with all of their talents, strengths, weaknesses, faults - each one unique and special.  Each one has a piece of my heart...  Welcome.
 Ondray, Esther, Tabitha and Deborah... how I wish you all weren't so far away.  Washington, Michigan and New Mexico might as well be China - I miss you all so much!
If you were near by, I'd invite you over for some coffee or dinner.  I'd want to show you my fall decorations and hope that you feel comfortable in my home.
I have some candles lit and it smells like caramel apple.  Won't you come and sit a while?
 Or for Ondray's can sit a while in here.  It's decorated too. haha.  Of course I have to pick on my baby brother.  That's my job, right? 
I'd love for you to sit at the dining room table.  I'd put down my fall placemats and make sure that you left my home with a happy, full belly.
 Maybe for Thanksgiving or Christmas?  How about Ground Hogs day?  Oh, I know!! How about Halloween?  Please, won't you come and play??
 Somehow along the way, we seem to have grown apart.  That's the trouble with the age gap for me.  I feel like I want to know you all so much more.  Somehow though, we do find our way back.  I wish it was here - with me!!  Oh, how about a sibling retreat??  Wouldn't that be so amazing??  We could talk and laugh.  Crack jokes and cry.  Heal and forgive.  I love you all so much.
 I'd want you all to come and relax.  I'd want to take the time to listen to each of your hearts.  I have prayed so much for each of you - like you were my own children.  I guess that's 'cause I'm the OLD sister. haha
 Let's sit in the living room and watch some old movies - or even better - let's play Wii!!  We could play Let's Dance!  Oh, my.  I'm laughing just thinking of it.   Ahhh.  It would be good times for sure.
And of course, thanks to our wonderful heritage, we'd end up back in the kitchen.  Wouldn't it be great to enjoy some time created some yummy food and drink for our bellies while we work on growing and healing our spirits?  You all are welcome here always.  Please know that you are in my prayers and on my heart.  I care about you more than you know.  You are each a special, child of the King and because of that you are worth more than gold!  I love you forever and matter what. 


  1. Oh, Sherry...this is just beautiful!! As the oldest of 5, I understand the "big sister" desire to want everyone close and have that sibling fellowship. I hope you get it soon. :o)

  2. :sniff: sniff: sniff: why did you have to make me cry? I want to come and stay.. and eat... i'll even take ondrays special seat if it means I can be in your home. Miss you sis

  3. ok, i just wrote a huge thing and it wouldn't let me post it. then erased it! grrrr... short: i was crying at work. thanks
    i think a sibling retreat is great idea!
    let's save up for a weekend for just all five of us! the rudegeairs need this right now.
    i loved your post, but i think it was just to show us how amazing your decorations are! joke... i heart you! p.s. you are not OLD... just OLDER! ;)

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  5. Woops. Deleted my own comment. haha. In response to you Tab... No, silly. All of blog land has already seen my fall decor. Every year. haha. This was just for you. Love you.

  6. Wow hermana me gusta tu casa, invita a disfrutar, gracias por compartir, Dios le Bendiga mucho!!!!!,

  7. I like the RELAX have a beautiful home Sherry! Happy Fall!

  8. I thank God for my sisters. I need you more now than ever before. I teach my children how important it is that we stick together as a family, helping each other, giving, supporting, and loving one another. Sherry, you are my favorite big sister ;-). God knew that we siblings would need someone strong and stable to help us with our walk of life. It will be a sweet day when we can all get together again. Hopefully, your home can contain all the chaos. Lol
    P.s. Please keep my special seat padded and warm.


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