Monday, November 7, 2011


Outside my window... the air is chilly, it is still wet from yesterday's rain and the sky is clear.  It's going to be about 60* which is perfect fall weather for me!

I am thinking...that this is going to be a very busy month full of activities and family time.

I am thankful...that my husband and I had the opportunity to attend a Couples Retreat hosted by another church.  Some dear friends of ours were already committed to attending before they began attending our church.  At the last minute, they offered to pay our way so that we could enjoy it as well.  It was the first retreat we've ever been able to attend in our 18 years of marriage (that we weren't hosting or working in).  It was a fabulous weekend of learning, fun, friendship and just what we needed at this time. =)

From the learning is Monday, so we take the day as it comes.  Our weekends are always busy, filled with ministry work, so school goes slow for Mondays.  I will try to get some writing in and probably a good book, but that may be it.  Pre-school is great like that. haha!

In the kitchen...I'm thinking we are going to try to make some homemade pizza tonight! The kids are really excited about it.  Hopefully, there will be pictures and stories to share tomorrow.

I am favorite pajamas right now.  Light gray with white polka dots top and bottom.  Very light cotton blend.  I'm still aaaallll cozy in my bed this morning. 

I am creating...some little things for our Thanksgiving dinner table.  Hoping to have pictures of all that to share as well.

I am continue to thank God in advance for all of the blessings that I know He has stored up for me. 

I am wondering...what God is going to do with our church and ministries.  There are so many exciting possibilities and growth already happening.  We can see His hand in it all.  Something big is about to happen and I can't wait to see what it is!

I am book in particular right now.  I have recently discovered many blogs that are really in tune with what I believe and offer things that I want to learn more I've been spending some time visiting those blogs daily, as I can, and gleaning from the knowledge and experiences shared by these amazing ladies.  You can find their blogs in my left hand sidebar.

I am hoping...for my children to really have a desire to stand for the Lord.  As they get older and develop their own styles, personalities, characters - I hope and pray that they will consider what their Heavenly Father has planned for them. 

I am looking forward to...celebrating my daughter Taryn's 12th birthday coming up on the 11th of this month - this Friday to be exact!  Wouldn't it have been cool if she was turning 11 on 11/11/11?  Oh well, I guess 12 is just as exciting. haha!

I am hearing...the quiet little breathing of my little guy who is laying next to me.  He wakes up in the morning, usually before I open my eyes, and crawls into bed with us.  I know some of my friends that say they don't allow it, but we do.  I love his snuggles and cuddles.  It's the best time really.  Melts my heart to see his sleepy face.

Around the house...there is much to do.  The down part of being away for the weekend, is all the unpacking and doing of chores that didn't get done while you were away.  The kids stayed home with a sitter (actually just a helper for Hannah) so it wasn't too bad.  Just need to get back on schedule is all.

I am pondering...over how quick this year seems to have gone.  Could it really be mid November already?  Wow.  Time to start thinking about my One Little Word for the new year.  The JOURNEY this year sure has been a wild one, like a roller coaster!

One of my favorite things...right now is Pho.  It's a Vietnamese noodle dish and I love it.  The first time I ever had it was with my mom and sister Deborah in Washington.  My husband had it once before with a friend and he didn't care for it then.  After we came back from Washington, I'd get a craving for it every once in a while.  We tried a place or two and finally found a place that we both really enjoy.  It's got good prices, great portions and tastes amazing.  We don't have a lot of cold days here, but when we do - it's our go to meal.  Cheaper than a fast food restaurant and yummier too!

A few plans for the rest of the week: You know, other than planning for our upcoming Thanksgiving dinner - the only big thing I'm looking forward to is my daughter's birthday.  We still haven't planned anything solid for her, but with Taryn - it's always a great time.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
I know this bowl of fruit doesn't look like anything amazing, but the fact that all this, plus some pieces that  got eaten before I took the picture only cost $1 for the bag... THAT'S amazing.  While we were at the Couples Retreat, there was a lunch break time so we headed over to a place that had a Farmer's Market going on and besides all of their other goodies, they had mixed fruit in a bag for a buck.  Everything we've eaten so far has been great.  I hope to go back and get more soon. =)

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  1. Can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with you all! It's one of my favorite times of the year because we are all together=) Love and miss you guys!

  2. Around 7 am Ellie or Joe will come crawl in bed with us. then a few minutes later the other will follow. I hate it and love it lol. I'm glad you got to go on that retreat and I can't wait to see pics of the pizza!


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