Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today, I am grateful for...

so many things!!  I actually need to catch up a few gratitude posts because I was away from any internet connections and didn't get them posted.  So, I will catch you all up real quick.

4 - I am super thankful for some dear friends that blessed us by  inviting us to a Couples Retreat weekend in -Newport Beach.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the teaching, the worship, the fellowship, the laughter (great comedian on Saturday night) and the time we got to spend together.  Thank you Lord for putting them in our path!
So thankful for Dennis and Gloria.  What a great gift they shared with us!  It was a super relaxed atmosphere, but we got to dress up a little for the dinner on Saturday night which was really nice. 
5 - I am thankful for laughter.  Like I mentioned in the above post, there was a comedian that performed for an hour on Saturday night.  I loved his clean humor.  My husband and I laughed so hard and I was near tears a couple of times because I laughed so hard!  Here's an older clip of him - Scott Wood.

6 - I am thankful for rain!  I am from Washington state and must admit that I pretty much took the rain for granted.  Now when it rains - here in Southern California - you take notice!  Especially if there's a cool lightning and thunder storm like there was tonight.  My kids really loved it.  We told Marco that God was taking pictures of us and that was what all the flashes were for.  He believed us at first! haha  =)
7 - I am thankful for facebook and other social networks that help me stay in touch with my friends and family far away.  I think it's super cool that my brother and sister can go out to eat with the family and post pics for me to see it all right away.  They live clear out in Michigan.  I miss them so much! This way, I can at least feel like I "see" them on a regular basis.
This was one of the pictures Esther posted from their dinner last night. It was so cool to see it so fast!  I sure do miss these amazing people!!
Today I am thankful for the roof over my head.  We are currently renting - but I love my home and I'm so thankful for a place that is warm and safe that my kids can come home to.  We will be having friends visiting with us this week and they are in transition of a move and I'm glad that I can open my home to them and offer them some comfort.  I will also be having some very special guests visiting next Wednesday to share an early Thanksgiving with us.  I am glad that I can open my home and my kitchen to show them that I love them and that I am grateful for them!  Thank you Lord for always providing the best for my family and me!


  1. What a lovely post with so many wonderful things to be grateful for!

  2. I feel the same about seeing your pictures. i miss you so much sis.

  3. So glad you had a great retreat! I thoroughly enjoy these type of post. We really have sooo many things to be thankful for! :o)


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