Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today, I am grateful for...

my husband!
At a Mariners game with my husband.

Besides being one of the hardest working men I know, he's also an amazing husband, father, pastor and friend.  Three of our four children are in school.  They go to three different schools.  He takes all of them to school and even does the pick up.  Yes, his schedule allows him to do that - but no, he doesn't HAVE to do it.
He's very thoughtful of "big days" like holidays and birthdays, but he's also thoughtful of little things like date nights.
"Pastor Marco"  This is his passion.
He is my pastor and has worked so hard these last 5 years.  Five years ago, we started a bi-lingual church.  Now when I say bilingual, I don't mean we have Spanish and English services.  I mean that we have a service where he preaches in Spanish and then translates himself on the spot back and forth.  All of our worship music is that way too.  It's not easy, but he knows it's needed, especially in our area.  This way, families don't have to be in separate services due to language barriers.  He has a great heart for people and for our community.  He loves God and knows that this is he is called out to do this.  That gives me security.
When we were dating in college, I loved how involved he was in his ministry on the weekends. Whether it was with the inner-city kids of Chicago or the elderly/mental patients he ministered to on Sundays.  He would, make them laugh, pray for them, encourage them...
This was a hilarious site. Marco and Robert trying to put together a toy for my youngest daughter. It had about a million pieces. LOL  They were serious in this shot, but it got pretty slapstick at one point. haha
He also has an incredible sense of humor.  He is naturally quiet and somewhat shy - but that's not the case if he really knows someone and feels comfortable around them. LOL He is hilarious!
 He stayed ALL day at a junior high volleyball tournament to watch Taryn play.
 Took all the kids, plus a friend, to Yogurtland on Hannah's birthday.
Marco with his oldest baby. She's 16 now.
Anyway, this month will be a month of gratitude for me.  I know that I have so much for which to be thankful. Thirty things to mention will not be hard at all!  Won't you join me in sharing your gratitude each day?


  1. SHERRY! i had to click on that picture of you! you looks so good!!! i love your hair longer! I want to see more! also great post. Marco is amazing. I have so much love and respect for him.

  2. Loved it Sherry. God bless your family. <3

  3. You guys are so sweet together! How lucky we are to have wonderful men who desire to serve God! God bless you, your family and your church! :o)


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