Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simple Things ~ My Docs...

The weather has cooled off a bit and although I have not put my flip flops away for good, I did have to find some socks and close toed shoes.  Of course, I was excited to remember I had some nice ORANGE socks with spider webs on them!  My oldest daughter looks at them and just shakes her head. Oh, well.  She's no fun. haha!  I bought these Doc Martens off of ebay about 8 years ago.  They are probably one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  I know that some people think they are hideous and unfeminine - I know 'cause they told me - but I love the comfort, quality and look of them and isn't this post all about Simple Things anyway? =)

You can share your Simple Thing too.  Join Rebecca at Simple As That along with many others who participate each week.  Let me know if you do!


  1. I LOVEEEE Docs!!! I shake my head at your socks too, but hey, i'd wear them if I had them too LOL

  2. I just love them! I have the same reaction from my munchkins often too. Have a blessed week!!


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