Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook :: Week 1


Outside my window... it is a cool 47*.  I have my window opened just slightly and I can feel the cool breeze on my face.  Sadly, my skin feels super tight and dry because the air has been so dry.  We've also been turning the heater on at night once in a while and that hasn't helped my skin.  I need to get some really good moisturizer!

I am thinking...about the new year that we've just started.  I am thinking about all of the possibilities that it holds.  I always hope to make the new year better than the last - but it won't happen on it's own.  I need to plan and set goals for myself and my family!

I am thankful...that God always keeps His promises.  I am thankful that I am a follower of Christ and I am not ashamed to admit it.  

In the kitchen...I need to go grocery shopping SO badly.  Hoping to stick with my plan to eat better...  I can if I plan and purchase with purpose!

I am wearing...a pair of jeans that would probably get Clinton and Stacy all up in a bunch with a gray-ish t-shirt.  Not fashion forward today, but I'm clean and presentable. haha!

I am creating...more items for my etsy shop as well as some things for a Thing 1 and Thing 2 themed twin baby shower!

I am going...to finally put away all of our Christmas decorations - it's usually put away on the first, but we have been super busy away from the house.  I also plan on finally throwing out any outdated or damaged decorations that I keep throwing back in the bin year after year.  I do that and am disappointed every year when I open the bin at Christmas only to find a bunch of "junk".

I am wondering...why  some people are okay with using terms like: fate, karma, light, guidance, affirmation...but they get thrown off a little when Christians choose to use terms like: God's will, blessings, the LIGHT, Holy Spirit, answered prayer, etc...  Why?  I try to be very accepting of others and their beliefs - not meaning that I agree with them, but I believe we all are free to believe what we want.  I don't get offended or turned off when my yoga friend talks about centering herself or karma... I may not agree or understand, but she is my friend and I am interested in her.  I think the key may be to not have a "Know it all" attitude or a condescending tone.  I wonder...

I am reading...The Secret Holocaust Diaries by Nonna Bannister.  I received it as a free book for my Kindle Fire (which I just love) and have just started it.  I think it's still free for Kindle users. I'll let you know if it's worth a read!  

I am hoping...to get the grocery shopping and house cleaning done today!  I better get busy!!

I am looking forward to...sending some late Christmas gifts (practically a tradition for me) to my far away family.  I can't wait to hear about how they liked (hopefully) what I chose for them. 

I am learning...that you have to be true to yourself, before you can be true to anyone else.  I am learning that there is always a consequence for sin, whether it is great or small.  God is just and balanced.  You can't continue to live a lie and expect truth and blessings in your life.  I have seen it in my own life.  It's a learning process, that is for sure.

Around the house...we've already discussed that...but it's a mess.  The Christmas stuff will be put away and the treadmill will be brought in from the garage.  Yes, as big and ugly as it is.  No excuses. haha!

I am pondering...my word for 2012.  DO.  It actually gets me excited as I think of all I need to DO, all I should DO, all I can DO and all I want to DO.  Of course, I'll be sharing those things here with you! 

A favorite quote for today...
I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence. ~Frederick Douglass 

One of my favorite things...is opening my email and seeing that I have an etsy order.  It's been happening more and more often. =)  I've got lots of ideas for this year!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: My main goal this week is to schedule and organize.  I work best with a goal and a plan.  I have plenty of tools to use, but I prefer a day planner (week at a glance) and a good pen.  Black ink, medium point... you get the idea. ;)  Keepin' it old school!   Some things I need to plan: Menu, Blogging schedule, Ministry schedule, 2012 reading list, Fitness plan, De-cluttering/Simplifying plan...  

A peek into my day...
We went to the beach on New Year's Eve day.  We had fun just playing and enjoying each other's company.  Marco and the two older girls even rented bikes and went on a long bike ride.  Perfect prelude to our new year!

If you are interested in keeping a daybook or joining up with other women that do, click on this photo and follow the link to Peggy's blog: The Simple Woman's Daybook


  1. God is good!!! :) It's been a nice and cool morning here. But that will all go away in about an hour when the sun really starts shinning. :) I'm enjoying the coolness of my home right now! Congratulations on the etsy orders. Those are so awesome! :) Enjoy your day Sherry!!! :)

  2. Wow! lots happening and lots to DO!
    love the pic our kids. You are my life.
    Love You,

  3. 1. get a toner and a good moisturizer. You won't need to use as much moisturizer if you use a toner first. I use Vitamin C toner from target.
    2.i still need to put away decorations
    3.I sent you something in the mail. it's your christmas gift. i still need to send the kids theirs.
    4. i love you

  4. I love the word you're pondering: DO! As in, I can DO all things through Christ who strengthens me! And because of Him, I know you can DO all the organizing and decluttering you have planned. Have a blessed rest of your week.

  5. Happy New Year dear Sherry!!!
    I loved reading your daybook tonight.
    You have such a wonderful HeART!
    Did you get the house undecorated and then decorated? lol Its such a chore isn't it? Funny what a mess it all becomes for awhile. I WISH I would have pitched some of my old junkier decorations like you did. I need to pare down!
    Love the picture of the kids on the beach. How did they JUMP that high?! egads!

  6. Love your word for the year. DO.... I need to come up with a word.


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