Friday, January 6, 2012

Diary of 5 :: Week 1

I am seeing... a big empty spot in the living room where the Christmas tree was, but will soon be filled with a big, ugly, needed black treadmill.

I am hearing...the morning news, the soft breathing of my little guy that came to my bed early this a.m. and fell back asleep and the occasional cough of my 6 year old.  I hope she's not getting sick. =(

I am smelling...a mix of perfume, lotion and hair product lingering in the air after my high schooler and junior higher got ready for school.  

I tasted...a bit of melancholy this morning as I pondered over special people in my life that are going through some very trying times.  I know that I all I can do is be here for them, listen, pray... It just leaves me with a heavy feeling in my heart. 

I am feeling...the warmth of my little Marco next to me.  I have always said that he is my rough and tumble, but at the same time, he is my most affectionate child.  People tell me that's because he's a boy and that's how they are with they're mommy.   Whatever it is, I will take it.  Squish!!

This is a picture of me FEELING the cool sand in my toes, warm breeze on my face,  SMELLING the  vast ocean in front of me, the seaweed piling up next to me thanks to my two youngest, the corn dogs, popcorn and other boardwalk type foods being cooked not too far behind me.  I was SEEING my children completely happy as they played in the sand, a dad trying to teach his young son how to surf, seagulls as they scavenged for food, the heavy fog that was threatening to settle over us, HEARING the waves crash upon the shore, shrieks from my children that got too close to the waves and got completely drenched by the water and I was TASTING the good life, on New Year's Eve in Southern California, blessed by God with a loving husband and beautiful, healthy children.  I don't want to miss a single thing.  
A diary of 5 was created to give your senses a gentle work-out in helping you to become more aware of those little moments around you.  To join in with others that are participating, you can click on the picture link below.


  1. I love that idea... I also love the feeling of my daughter sleeping against me, even though it is so rare. Their little faces are so sweet and innocent when they're asleep :)

  2. You will grow to love that ugly tread mill. Do you have good running shoes???? hhhmmm...
    love this!

  3. Oh, girl! I love your blog! I like this. Don't think I'm up for any more challenges right now, but I like this idea. I may just do it occasionally :D

  4. I enjoyed reading your "Diary of 5." I did mine for the first time today. Fun! ~ Grace

  5. Very sweet post. I loved reading about the girls going to school and leaving trace scents of lotion and perfume. Enjoy those days. Mine 3 girls are grown now. Two are married with children. Only PUMPKIN, the youngest, is still home but will be going back to college soon.


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