Monday, March 5, 2012

March Photo A Day: Day Four|Bedside

When I saw that the day's challenge was "bedside", I wanted to clean up my little bedside table before taking a picture.  Then I thought better of it, deciding to "keep it real". So, here is my cluttered little table.
I've got the current book that I am reading and loving, "One Thousand Gifts", a leather copy of "Love Dare", my Ephesians bible study journal and a couple other random journals.  I also have two different lotions/body butters that I received from my sister-in-law.  They are both from Arbonne and I LOVE them. One for morning and one that I like to use in the evening.  I also have my old Olympus camera on my stand for no real good reason. =)  I got the pitcher and basin at a yard sale and I love it.
Lastly, I have a few of my sons little Squinkies.  They are from the "Cars" line.  I just love those squishy miniatures.  He was playing with them in my room and left them there.
This was a fun one!  Photo taken with my Android Revolution and edited with one of my new favorite photo apps: =)

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