Sunday, March 4, 2012

A month in photos:: February

one: marco and i surprised the kids with a special valentine's breakfast with decor, heart pancakes and gifts
two: little marco and i made cookies and decorated them for the kids
three: naomi was recognized with a citizenship award at school. she got a medal and everything!
four: we finally have some chilly weather and i made some homemade chicken and dumplings. so good!
five: i have totally been enjoying the ephesians bible study. it's all about grace!
six: lorany and robert finally got to meet their beautiful twin boys and so did i. pure joy.
seven: marco and i attended raena's black & gold pageant at ucr. guess what? she won!
eight: water polo season has ended & swim season has begun. hannah has been loving it & doing well so far.

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  1. February was a busy month at your house!

  2. What a great collection of photos, Sherry - looks like a great month of love and happiness.


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